Christmas has become such a controversial issue.

I want to celebrate Christmas the way they did in the 'Little Women' movie. A
PLAIN, SIMPLE, CARING, CELEBRATION  centered around the birth of our Saviour.
I don't want to Worry about wether to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays,

I want to spend Christmas with a generous sprinkling of Family and friends. A pinch of meaningful, from the heart gifts, And a large dose of celebrating my Saviour's Birth.

Have I started my Christmas shopping yet??
Yes, A few gifts here and there. Stashed away in that secret spot!!

But here is Hadassah, magazine shopping.
She was talking and cooing to the Bitty Babies!

Don't forget Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique gifts for your loved ones!

Like this for my preschool son!

or this for my toddler daughter! So much better than plastic!

Or this for my tween girls!

Don't forget about the 'Ready to Ship section in my Shop for Gifts!

 these owl shoes are ready to ship!!

And these Snow flake shoes are ready to ship!

And this Realtree pillowcase dress is a size 0-3mo and is ready to ship!

Order these owl shoes for baby in any size you want!!


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