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Costumes on a 'shoe string budget'

Along with the chilly mornings and windy days here in Iowa comes the Gospel Lighthouse 'Costume Party'. Our church offers this as an alternative to Halloween celebrations. It's a 'Big Deal' for the Students at Lighthouse Academy because they know here is lots of Games and prizes, candy and fun! Months before the actual costume party my daughters started talking about what they wanted to be. There was lots of Ideas, My oldest daughter first decided she wants to be a book worm but then changed her mind after seeing a picture of an Egyptian princess in a catalog. She then passed the book worm idea down to her little sister. Because I am in the sewing and designing business I HATE to buy costumes. It just seems like a waste of money to me! So our rule for costumes are: 1. CHEAP, I have to be able to make them CHEAP! 2. It has to be something you would wear even if you knew Jesus was attending the party.
After I made certain that the girls were sure they were not goi…

Our First Review!!!!

HaddyGrace Designs has gotten a review!!! Check it out and enter to win a 20$ gift certificate to my shop!!


Enter to win a pair of soft sole shoes for your baby. In your choice of color and size. sizes are: 0-3mo. 3-6mo. 6-9mo. 12-18 mo 18-24 mo. and 2yrs. sizes 9mo. and up have so-slip soles.
here's how to enter: Become a fan of HaddyGrace Designs on FB, then got tell all your friends to 'Like' us on FB, tell them to write on my wall who sent them. The person that 'sends' the most fans wins a pair of soft sole shoes!! Go ahead check them out! If you comment on this post letting me know which pair you like best I will enter your name another time!!!
Blue & brown

Pink & Brown

Camo & Blaze

Camo & Brown

Camo & Pink

Christmas preview

After working all morning with my pattern and this beautiful black velour with sequins.... here it is... a 'rough draft' of the Christmas designs!!!!

the hardest part was getting the dress onto this little wiggle worm, and getting her to stay still for pictures. I finally settled for taking pictures of the 'Back' of the dress. I will leave the rest to the professionals! Check out my friend Beka's photography site:
Whoopie Pies

As I write this I am eating a Chocolate whoopie pie!! Yes I know it is 10pm But as I was writing about making them I got so hungry I just couldn't resist any more!! Maybe I will join my friend Rachel as she does her Turbo Jam workout tomorrow to make up for it! Probably NOT! :)

Want to know how to make these Yummy things?? head on over to my friend Jess's Blog where I was invited to share my experience! While you are there give her some love and 'Follow' her!! Let her know you are following and she will follow back!

As for me tomorrow!!! Gonna be working on CHRISTMAS!!!!! Fa lala lala lala lala !!!!

Sneak Peek at HaddyGrace Christmas

I am having such a hard time concentrating on any projects or chores!!!!! Why??? This pile of beautiful Christmas fabric is the culprit! I absolutely cant wait to get started! But First things first..
The designs are in my head already! hopefully next week I will have a preview for you!! I am off to bake Whoopie Pies with my sister today.. don'y know hat whoopie pies are?? stay tuned because I am taking my camera!

All About Boys!!!

It's that time of year again. the time of year where I find myself a single mom for most of the weekend, the time of year where I find my bible and devotional constantly buried under a pile of hunting magazines, where my husbands laundry consists of mainly Camouflage! The time of year where to have a conversation with my husband I have to first capture his attention by using words such as, Antlers, tree stand, and arrow! In case you haven't guess by now, My husband lives for this time of year, HUNTING SEASON!
Some folks dress there little ones in the colors of their favorite sports team. Yup, that's right Hunters like to dress their little ones in CAMO!!! So here ya go!! Some camo for the little boys (or Girls) in your hunting family!

Camo and brown fleece, soft soled shoe. sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 =$8.50. sizes 12mo, 18-24mo. and 2yrs. =$10.00
Camo and Blaze Orange! All sizes 9mo and up are made with 'no-slip' soles.

Today really was 'All about Boy. You see My son, M…

Perfect Fall Day

Today was one of those perfect fall days where the sunshine is so warm and friendly that those sweet memories of summer hover right around the corner. So what to do on the perfect fall Day?
go to the pumpkin patch of course!
So with my hot apple-cider, my camera, and the two 'little ones' we headed to my Brother's Pumpkin patch.

Hadassah Grace sporting a Fall festival pillowcase dress.
Head on over to the 'for girls' page and check out the rest of the pillowcase dresses! Perfect for cooler weather when worn with sleeves and leggings!

Hadassah with big brother, Mitchell.

The Hay tunnel was loads of fun for Mitchell and brought back pleasant memories of my 'growing up on the farm days'.

Hello Handsome!
Yes it was a few perfect hours of a beautiful fall day. topped off by lunch with friends at our home. Cheeseburger soup, bread sticks, salad, apples with Carmel dip and brownies!!! Yummy!!! No I didn't do all the cooking!! everyone contributed!!!

HaddyGrace fall Sweater Dresses

Digging out the Warmer wardrobe can be frustrating, Articles of clothing that you really loved last fall, might have more stains than you remembered or, your child might have grown more that you thought she would, either way I always end up with much less hand-me-downs than I had hoped for. BUT, that only gives me an excuse to buy a few new pieces to add to each childs' wardrobe. HaddyGrace, Sweater Dresses are the perfect piece to add to your childs wardrobe this fall, Made with High Quality knit fleece, they have a bit of stretch and are warm and fleecy on the inside. Each dress has a hood, not only to add character, but to help ward off that chilly fall wind. You get to choose if you want a dragon fly or mushroom design on your Sweater Dress. wear it with Boots or a belt or both. Either way your daughter is sure to wear it again and again!

Prices: 3mo. - 2 , $29.00
3-8 $32.00

contact me for more details! I will be more that happy to dress your Girls!! @ onlygrace@myclearwave.n…