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Cornish Hens, or a Boy's First Pets?

As Mothers we are always looking for ways to help our little ones achieve the life skills and moral lessons that will help them grow into loving and compassionate adults. One of the earliest lessons in the Zimmerman home has always been, care and responsibility of an animal. This has ranged from feeding the family flock of laying hens and gathering the eggs to feeding and watering the dogs. Oh, and I am not gonna pretend that these chores always get done without reminders! But it's the Mama's thought of a life lesson that counts.
I have been talking to 'Big Blue' about it being time for 'Little Blue' to have some such responsibility. He is a bit younger than the girls were when they were given the responsibilities of caring for living creatures, But it seems the God Given desire to rule over the earth and the things in it in my 'Little Blue' is already in action! So I was thinking that putting him 'In charge' of his own little domain (pet) would …
What did I do before I new about Etsy?? I Love all the great people I meet there! All the wonderful products I discover! And don't forget the inspiration! I love to find wonderful shops, and read their story (go to their profile). My goal is to share some of the wonderful shops on Etsy with you!

BizzieLizzieCreations is one of those shops! She offers a full range of purses and totes! She loves custom orders! If you see a Purse or tote that you like and a print pattern that you like she is most happy to combine the 2 for you! She offers Button, or magnetic closers! Shoulders straps can be a custom length!! She has over 35 years of experience under her belt and offers messanger bags, totes, wallets Zippered pouches and much more!! here are a few of my favorites!

Toadallycute Is another of my Favorite shops, displaying such creativity and talent! Who wouldn't want to do an owl themed birthday party after seeing the adorable banners, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, hats, plus …

Have YOU Read the small Print?

Yesterday morning was the perfect 'sleeping-in' kind of morning. Overcast, Raining, and occasional rumble of thunder. When the little ones woke me at 7:30 it was still so dark I was sure that it was only 6:00. But regardless what time it was we all know that when it's breakfast time and you are a 3 yr' old boy it needs to happen NOW. So I console myself by thinking about the wonderful moment when I will get back into bed for some sweet slumbering that night. We went to church and to my brother's house for lunch and a wonderful afternoon of Family and games! 9:00 when we get home, the 2 little ones are sleeping, we stuff their groggy limbs into pajamas and put them to bed. the big girls are 100% wore out from keeping up with their cousins all day and they go to bed with out being asked to go!! Elvin and I spend some time talking about the day, watch a movie and................ AHHHHHH that wonderful moment of getting back into my bed!!!!! But alas! The WHOLE cup of…

Kissing Winter Good-by

Seems hardly possible that these pictures were taken only a week ago! 4 inches of wet snow covered every branch and twig. It was absolutely beautiful. 1 Because we knew it was march 9th and that Old man winter was just huffing and puffing his final breaths. 2 because it was 'snowman' snow. Here in the Midwest our snow usually comes in the form of a blizzard with temperatures low enough that any attempts at making a snowman are in vain! But not this time! After the 'Big' kids were off to school, the 'Little' kids and I headed outside! I can now easily enjoy these pictures Because: this week the weather has been so pleasing! My Garden has decided to come out of hiding and is sunning it's whole glorious self, each day getting closer to that wonderful day when I can scratch it's fertile, life giving back and plant seeds that are full of promising life, or spindly little plants that seem so frail!

Miss Honeysuckle helping roll the snowman's bottom!

Little …

Meet my Box of Crayons

Since this was such a crazy week and I didn't get to upload this weeks pictures due to my laptop being temperamental. :( I have decided to introduce you to my family. I have been learning alot about the "in" colors for the season. Did you know that the "In" color for this spring is 'Honeysuckle'? It's a deep shade pink just lighter than red! Yes, so I have replaced the word 'pink' with 'Honeysuckle' in my pink listings on Etsy. here. Doesn't 'Honeysuckle' seem so much more sophisticated than just plain 'PINK' ???

The "in" color for me is Purple. All Shades of purple make me feel happy!!! Here is what I learned about my favorite color: Purple has a sense of mystic and royal qualities, purple is a color often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls. So does this tell you something about me?? :) I don't think I have yet outgrown the adolescent stage…

So Great is the Love Of God!

Well, It's been a crazy, wonderful week. The most important thing was a wonderful womens conference at church on Saturday! Meet the wonderful speaker here . I guess thats what is formost on my heart tonight.
The Precense of the Lord is such a wonderful healing thing that when you experience it, the sweetness of it lingers with you!
When I was a small girl I spent hours thinking about heaven. I spent hours thinking about if I really would like it there..and if I would really like it better than I liked being with my family. As an adult it was just common Knowledge that heaven was the place you wanted to be, but I still thought about what it would be like there.. What would we do?? Would I be frightened to meet God? I was sure I wanted to go to heaven, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to face God, I knew I was a sinner and THOUGHT I had not done anything GOOD ENOUGH and had this great fear that he would cast me out!
After I became 'Born Again' I began experienceing the wonderf…

confessions of a former home-school mom... And a secret ingredient

When I think about home school moms I automatically translate that into 'Super-Mom'.
I should know... I have a 'Super-Mom' sister or 2. but most of all I used to BE ONE OF THEM!! Yes, they do it all! make nutritious meals 3 times a day for a growing family! (Some even make freezer meals!!) They grind their own wheat, bake their own bread. they have their own chickens for eggs and even a goat or 2 for fresh milk! they have menu plans for weeks in advance! Their Children sort their own laundry, some even DO their own laundry. they ALWAYS dry their laundry on the line.... Are you getting tired yet??? well I am!Ok, we all know that no-body is 'Super-mom' we all know that All of us have our areas where we feel we don't measure up! I am a huge cheerleader for home schools!! I love to see happy families walking in the Path that the Lord has planned for them!!NOW FOR MY CONFESSION.....I DID NOT ENJOY COOKING NUTRITIOUS MEALS!!! Nope not one bit!! I loved the idea of…

How did THAT happen?

It's only 9:00 in the morning but I feel the need for a blogging therapy session. Blogging is the best therapy I have ever encountered. It never asks any hard questions, and I get to do all the talking.. The best part?? I usually end up laughing by the time I am done, because what seemed like a mountain becomes a silly little molehill after I share it with all of you.
It happens after days of having a teething baby that has a sinus cold and thinks everyone should suffer with her, a 3 yr old with same sinus cold who thinks Mom is here to carry out his every wish and command!
So this morning With a 3 yr. old who thinks 5am is a good time to get into bed with mom and crowd her out of bed until she decides to get up, I didn't want to take him back into his bedroom at that time of the morning because he shares a room with his sister and only one thing worse than a 3yr old awake at 5am is a 14 mo old awake at 5am. (the 3yrold at least lets me doze off in between falling out of my o…