Have YOU Read the small Print?

Yesterday morning was the perfect 'sleeping-in' kind of morning. Overcast, Raining, and occasional rumble of thunder. When the little ones woke me at 7:30 it was still so dark I was sure that it was only 6:00. But regardless what time it was we all know that when it's breakfast time and you are a 3 yr' old boy it needs to happen NOW. So I console myself by thinking about the wonderful moment when I will get back into bed for some sweet slumbering that night. We went to church and to my brother's house for lunch and a wonderful afternoon of Family and games! 9:00 when we get home, the 2 little ones are sleeping, we stuff their groggy limbs into pajamas and put them to bed. the big girls are 100% wore out from keeping up with their cousins all day and they go to bed with out being asked to go!! Elvin and I spend some time talking about the day, watch a movie and................ AHHHHHH that wonderful moment of getting back into my bed!!!!! But alas! The WHOLE cup of black coffee I drank while enthusiastically playing a card game with my family was determined to keep me awake!! So I lay there, designing new clothes and writing blogs in my head and finally drifting off to sleep around 1 am. Well not more than an hour later 'Little Blue' shakes me awake and is whining, Like usual I take him potty, put him back to bed and once again get into my wonderful bed, fully expecting sweet slumber to overtake me! But 'Little Blue' comes right back and crawls into bed with me. No big deal. I just pull him close and drift off to sleep, Within a few minutes I am 120% AWAKE, all my mommy senses are in full swing, as 'Little Blue' starts coughing and gagging! Well one pile his stomach contents right beside my bed, one mad dash for the stairs, one pile of stomach contents on top step. Another mad dash down the steps for the bathroom. and the 3rd pile finally ends up in the toilet. Poor boy was soo sweet, he kept saying "I am sorry, MOM" he never cried, was so grown up about it all. Everything cleaned up and he is back in bed with a bucket in case he needs it.

well 4 mad dashes to his bedroom later. 3 out of the four times I THOUGHT I heard him and 1 time he really was throwing up... Another change of clothes and both go back to bed. And after nursing 'Honeysuckle' and trying desperately to forget the fact that it was 5:30 am. Elvin's alarm starts going, and going, and going! this is when I started wondering if I had somehow missed the small print in my mothering contract??
No one told me that my heart would be bursting with love and compassion for a brave little boy as I clean up puke in the middle of the night. Or that I would enjoy waking up in the wee morning hours to nurse a toddler. No one told me that I would only put my head under the pillow instead of punching my husband when the alarm goes, and goes, and goes. Or that I would stumble through my day with sleep on my mind as I do laundry, wipe noses (and bottoms) and cook meals. And That I would enjoy it all!! I am SURE it was somewhere in the small print of my mothering contract but some one failed to point it out to me. So I will continue to be surprised over this parenting job that God has placed me in!

this week is spring Break for Lighthouse Academy!! I am soo happy to have my 'Big kids'
at home!! We plan on getting some 'Spring cleaning' done, starting with the windows. I love using my home made window cleaner!! want to try it?? here's how I make it!
1 gallon minus 1 pint distilled water
1 pint rubbing achole
2 TBS clear shampoo
take out one pint of water, add achole and shampoo, mix together and our into spray bottle!!
here's to clean and sparkling windows!!!


  1. LOVE this post RuthAnn... Your perspective is so right on and beautiful. It is all worth it! I look forward to the day I get to join you in this motherhood journey :) God's so cool at the ways he does things... amazing!

  2. Love You Ruth Ann! God truly is using you in GREAT ways!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! It is so helpful to have encouraging friends on this Journey called Motherhood!!!

  4. LOOOOVE IT! :) Love you so much friend!


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