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Compassionate Toddlers

Life is all about 'Others'. The happiest people are the ones who KNOW that serving others is the key to happiness..

But we all come into this world thinking life is all about US!! Never yet has there been an infant that cared more about Mama getting some sleep than he did about a full tummy! Yes, it's just the way we were created. And for the first year or so of life this works, Everyone dotes on Baby, Baby gets what baby wants, when baby cries baby gets attention. and yes this is all good and baby's needs should get met. this creates a secure and well adjusted baby.
But I am convinced one of the greatest keys to happiness is 'OTHERS'. learning that life is about 'Others'.
We all desire to have a child with the heart of a servant. A child who is willing to please because it bring happiness. A child that is sweet and compassionate and giving..

And even toddlers can be taught that its all about others. Life is not about ME and how much I HAVE or can GET. It…