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Halloween Candy Dilema

What defines a great mom from a good mom??
It's the question that plagues us from the moment we become moms.. we all want to be "great moms".   We make decisions daily for our young children and all the while we are plagued by "what if that wasn't the ABSOLUTE best decision for my child??
After your first child hits about 10 yrs. old and you're making some of the same choices for their younger siblings and some new choices that work better.. And some decisions are coming naturally by now.. You suddenly realize HEY!!!  I am not too bad at this decision making..  This child is still alive!!! and her siblings too!!  But there is one decision that after 4 kids I am still not confident about!!!!! CANDY!!!!  I rarely buy it.. (if I do, I hide it from the kids or buy something natural, dye free, preservative free) But, Halloween candy, Easter Candy, Christmas candy, Obviously your child earned this loot by being terrible cute!!! But to let THEM eat it isn't good for their…

Lazy Wife Cake

I don't especially enjoy the kitchen.. But I do it because it tells my family 'I LOVE YOU' like few other things. And when I bake this cake... They Think I REALLY  put in a lot of effort for them! They feel loved and I get to go back to my sewing machine!!!!
When you grow up in a Mennonite home You learn to cook and bake at a very young age.. for a couple of reasons: There is no TV so you need something to do. When you are part of a family of 11 buying Tastee Cakes isn't an economical choice. Family meal time is/was the most important part of our day, therefore a LOT of emphasis are put on Food. As the middle of 9 children and 3rd born daughter I remember plenty of times where I escaped to the barn to play with my Ponies in order to avoid the Kitchen, and obviously with 5 sisters, Mom never really realized that I wasn't hanging around for Dinner preparations. Maybe that's why I had to go help Grandma once a week.. I rode my bike the 3 miles to Grandma's house, mowe…

A Dream and a Passion

Do you choose your dreams??? Do you hear about or see some one's dream that inspires a dream of your own??  Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. Do you feel like everyone else has a dream but you?? But there is One thing you do have.. It's Passion!! It may be passion for parenting, a passion for kids, a passion for ministry, a passion for people in a 3rd world country. It may be something much smaller but no less important.. That passion is yours, and that passion is where your dreams come from! And from dreams come vision and then planning.. from planning comes action, and from action comes results!! So take Heart!! You are a world Changer!!! If God has given you a passion for something be assured that within that passion lies his vision for your life!! Dreams are hard to Share... It's hard to be vulnerable and share your dream..  But sharing it makes it REAL! It's inspiring... If shar…

I Choose Guilt Free

Guilt.. It's the monster that I am trying hard to keep at bay lately!! It's the monster that will drain my energy, make me short and snappy with my loved ones, and keep me from enjoying the things that really do bring me joy! So I am bringing to light some of the things that are feeding the guilt monster.. A fund raiser sheet for my Daughters'  American Heritage Girls troop It hasn't got ONE SINGLE order on it.. Because Mom hasn't taken them door to door.. (here in rural NE Iowa it involves a bit more than walking around the block and knocking on a few neighbor's door) My Kale... The same kale that I planted and lovingly nurtured this spring is now overgrown and forgotten.. (we did use lots of Kale in juicing and made kale chips a few times)
The tomatoes that never got picked..  Worms got the broccoli ... Worms need to eat too.............. 
Because I haven't taken the dog outside to play in the yard she's chewing up toys..

Guilty that Hadassah naps all alo…

Birthday Giveaway and Fall Bike rides

3 years ago I opened my Etsy Shop 3 years have passed in a hurry and flurry... A flurry of bolts of fabric, spools of thread, patterns, social media, stretching my head around SEO, watching my Etsy shop stats, filling orders, and add to all that normal family life with 4 kids and here we are 3 years later.. Celebrating HaddyGrace's 3rd Birthday!  You will Want to be in on the Giveaway!!!!! 3 gifts for 3 years!!!!  go HERE to claim yours!!!! Gold Paten Leather Hair bows!! Go find out how to get yours!!!
Iowa has been having some Gorgeous weather this week!!! And on top of that my Mom is visiting this week, this definitely calls for an afternoon off of our regular routine to enjoy the outdoors.. ELEVEN bikes!!! one tow behind kiddy cart and 2 bicycle baby seats! And despite the fact that I took my SLR camera WITHOUT a CARD we had a great time!!!  (poor phone photos don't do the day justice)

Microwave Baked Oatmeal

Mornings... Some of us love mornings, and we hit the ground running.. Some of us don't like morning as well.. We want to wake up leisurely, we don't want to have a conversation for at least the first hour... And no matter if you love or don't love mornings, as a mom, chances are you will have to learn to live with 'the other kind'. I love mornings... My husband doesn't.. 2 of my children love mornings and 2 wake up very slowly!!!! So mornings can sound pretty hairy in our home.. Add lunches and healthy breakfast and by the time everyone is safely delivered to school I feel like I've accomplished a full marathon!! Healthy breakfast... It doesn't have to be time consuming.. Here is our family's favorite: Baked Oatmeal: 1/2 cup butter 2 eggs 3/4 cup brown sugar Whip butter, sugar and eggs with wire wisk in glass or microwavable bowl. Add: 1 tsp Vanilla1.5 tsp baking soda1 tsp salt 3 cups quick oats 1/2 cup ground flax seed 3/4 cup milk Stir until mixed together well a…