Monday, December 27, 2010

Inviting You To help us Celebrate Miss Haddy's Birthday

Little Miss Haddy is having her first birthday on Wednesday the 29th! Can it be that my baby Girl is a year old already?
I am inviting you to help us celebrate by participating in another 'Gimme-That' on our Facebook fan page! I will be posting pictures of a HaddyGrace Item and a sale price through out the day on Wednesday on our FB fan Page. the first person to comment receives the item for the sale price. Any one else that wants the item can comment to receive it for free shipping.

Hadassah Grace was Born 'Independent'. Born by emergency C-Section, she whimpered a few times and then took so much interest in the going-ons of the operating room that she forgot all about crying and just gazed around the room. She'd turn her head whenever someone in the operating room spoke. She gazed up at her Daddy with adoration as she sucked on her tiny fists.

I was saddened that I didn't get to hold my baby while I was on the operating table, but was Blessed beyond measure by watching my husband bonding with his baby girl!

And now here she is, I year old, walking for 2 months now, Thinking she is every bit as big as her 3 older Siblings. She is Daddy's Girl all the way and is never happier than when he comes home from work to sweep her up into his arms!!

Happy Birthday Hadassah Grace!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

my Wild Side

Generally I am pretty Much of a neutral colors girl but every once in a while someone or something helps me get in touch with my 'Wild side'. And When they do, I LOVE the Life that 'Wild' colors bring to a room or a wardrobe! Here is a bit of my 'Wild-side'!!! These boots can be bought in my Etsy shop!!! And size from 0-5. I do custom orders too!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am back! with new ITEMS!!!

How does time get away from one 'sew' quickly? It has been forever since I have been on blogger. So Welcome to all the new followers, and Hello again to all the loyal followers of the past! with Christmas coming upon us so quickly i am enjoying all the secrecy going on in our home! Kristina and Staci have given each other a couple of gifts already. they make something and wrap it up and a day later they can no longer keep the secret so they give the gift, and then move on to thinking up ideas for a new gift!
My husband has told 2 of my BFF's Beka & Rachel and my 2 oldest daughters what he is getting me for Christmas! Talk about suspense!!!! I can hardly take it! He knew better than telling our 'just turned 3' son Mitchell! He would tell me in a heartbeat! My heart rate sure accelerated the other day when said 3yr old turns to me and say, "Mom, I know what you're getting for Christmas!" Getting right into his face and very seriously I asked him "What?" Just as seriously he answered, " A PRESENT!" ARGH!!! the frustration continues!!!!!

Here is a picture of little Miss Haddy Grace, My new favorite HAPPY picture!!! Just had to share with you!! Check out my Photographer's blog here .

Now for some new items I have been busy with!!
Pink fleece lined with the softest cuddle fleece and a no-slip sole make these the softest and prettiest boot you daughter will ever wear!!! check out the listing in my etsy shop here .
White baby boots!! here on etsy.

And the brown ones here . i think these could also pass for boy boots, what do you think??

And my Favorite!!! Made one for my daughter and everywhere we go people comment on her pretty coat! Check it out here .

And the Zebra print with hot pink for your inner wild child!! here

Thank you for visiting my BLOG! i look forward to seeing more of you on Facebook and in my Etsy shop.

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Ever FB 'Gimme-That' sale

I am Proud to announce that HaddyGrace FaceBook page is almost at 500 fans!!! I am so Happy and appreciate everyone of my fans!! We are celebrating by having a FB 'Gimme-That' sale. Here is how it works:

On Wednesday Dec. 8th. starting at 9:00am and continuing at the top of every hour thru-out the day until 5:00pm I will post a picture and a ridicules sale price. THE FIRST 'Gimme-That' comment receives it at that price, AND the item ships the next day! First comment gets the item pictured, which means it will be in that size only for that Fan. all other 'Gimme-That' comments will be able to order a same or different size at a discount price which I will post with the picture!(allow 2 weeks for delivery of these items)
You will need to leave your email address for me and I will send you an invoice!

I am sooo excited about this sale and know that it will be Lots of fun for you AND me! Go ahead tell all your friends about this sale!!

here are some of the possible items for the sale!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

HaddyGrace Photo Contest!!

HaddyGrace designs is having it's first ever Photo contest!! Here is how it works:
Email me a picture of your child/children/grandchildren. ( ) I will put all photos entered into an album on my Facebook page. You will receive (by email) a 10% off all items in my etsy shop just for entering. make sure you include your info, and 'like' my FB page so i can Tag you!
How you win: Get your family and friends to Like your photos. photo with the most likes wins.

What you win: 1st prize = 25$ HaddyGrace gift card. 2nd prize=10$ HaddyGrace gift card.

winners will be announced on Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!

so go ahead email me that photo and I will email you your 10% off coupon code!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

HaddyGrace Christmas!!!!

Finally, after lots of delays and lots of hours working on patterns and at the sewing machine here is HaddyGrace Christmas 2010! I am so excited because I also have HaddyGrace labels to put on my clothes!!! :) Visit my etsy shop to buy these items! OR: contact me with your custom order!

My HaddyGrace girls! Christmas dresses are made with soft, yet twirly velour, sort or long sleeves, sizes 3T- 8 are made with 2 tiers that add a festive, classic look to this all time favorite holiday fabric. sizes 6m0. - 2T. are made with one generous ruffle at the bottom for the tinest twirlers!

showing, Black w/sequins, hunter green, and red w/long sleeve option.

Black with sequins! this dress makes my princess girl smile so big!!! It's the sequins! I just know it is!!!

Princess pose! she was so unhappy because i took her and her sister out of school for this photo shoot. :( (I know, That was so naughty of me!) But she was such a trooper in her sparkly, twirly dress!!!

hunter Green velour. This velour is so soft and has a faint vine print on it. Tomboy daughter was all too happy to skip a few hours of school to hang out with mom and the photographer!!

Red velour, sizes 6mo.-2T will be with a generous ruffle at the bottom. this is also shown with the long sleeve option.

Polka dot pillowcase dress with red accents.

Holly print pillowcase with green accents and Black Zebra print with red accents.

Black Zebra print with red accents.

Pointsettas with gold accents.

Black Zebra print with Aqua accents

Black Zebra print with Hot pink accents.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Pies and Grandma

Today was the kind of day that I have dreamed of so often!! You know the kind of day where the Lord sends his Angels to do all my house work while I get to cuddle the baby and sew ALL DAY!!! Today was my day like that because my MOM came to my house today, My mom lives 1,100 miles away, so to have her spend a day at our house is so special for all of us. She brought a whole basket of butternut squash straight from my brother's field,

Butternut squash makes the BEST pumpkin pies. Mom got right to work getting the Squash ready to cook and then put into the freezer to make lots of pumpkin pies for the upcoming Holidays!

Yes while I was happily sewing away my mom and sister were busy in the kitchen!!! It was BLISS. Needless to say the kitchen is not my favorite place to be! After lunch dishes were all done (by Mom ans Sis) and girls were home from school Mom was still busy in the kitchen making PUMPKIN PIES!!! The whole House smelled soooo delicious!! Yes, It was a perfect day! Good conversations with family, Mom cooking in my kitchen, and Me getting projects off the list.
My Children and their Grandma busy makin Pumpkin Pies using Butternut Squash.

Hadassah was not happy about being the only one not getting her hands messy!

Here is one of the items I finished today.. This is the pair of soft sole shoes that were won in a contest on my FB page! If you are not yet a fan of my FB page do so now toget first updates of new items, sales and contests! The other to Items I made today were for a special oder.I can't share them yet because they are for a birthday gift, but i promise you will love them and they are CUTE!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Run before you walk

This morning when I woke I knew it was going to be a Good day! I knew because I had slept well and my mind was spinning with Ideas from the moment I woke. Alas!!! Hadassah (sleeping soundly in my arms) decided that she needed to get up WITH me!!! Oh well, I was not daunted, I hobbled through my morning routine(missing my prayer/devotion time) with a sleepy baby on my hip. Got the Laundry started, and breakfast on the table, all the while with Hadassah riding on my hip. Each time I tried to put her down she would do this funny little temper tantrum where she would sit down. lean forward, and put her head on the floor and WAIL!!! At first I thought it was kinda cute but when she continued to do it even after a good breakfast and a 90 minute nap, I started to think about what could be the problem, Yes, It could be teething... But here is what I decided after figuring out that the only time she didn't fuss was when I was holding her hand and she was RUNNING around the house! You see,sunday night while the whole Family was lounging around the living room being entertained by the baby, she decided it was a good time to show off her new walking skills! So while we all cheered her on with clapping and hooting she proudly walked back and forth, back and forth across the living room. even after her sibling were in bed she kept walking. So this morning she tried it a few times but plopped down on her behind because she was trying to run!! This was a big disappointment to her! Therefore I came to the conclusion that her grumpiness was caused by FRUSTRATION at not being able to walk more that 8-9 steps without having to get back up again! She really wants to RUN! So what did My productive day produce?

2 New colors of soft sole shoes to add to the collection!!

Chocolate Cream

Basket Ball
So I did get to sew a bit, but mostly my time was spent with one finger in the grip of a tiny toddler as she tries her best to keep up with her Big brother.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costumes on a 'shoe string budget'

Along with the chilly mornings and windy days here in Iowa comes the Gospel Lighthouse 'Costume Party'. Our church offers this as an alternative to Halloween celebrations. It's a 'Big Deal' for the Students at Lighthouse Academy because they know here is lots of Games and prizes, candy and fun! Months before the actual costume party my daughters started talking about what they wanted to be. There was lots of Ideas, My oldest daughter first decided she wants to be a book worm but then changed her mind after seeing a picture of an Egyptian princess in a catalog. She then passed the book worm idea down to her little sister. Because I am in the sewing and designing business I HATE to buy costumes. It just seems like a waste of money to me! So our rule for costumes are: 1. CHEAP, I have to be able to make them CHEAP! 2. It has to be something you would wear even if you knew Jesus was attending the party.
After I made certain that the girls were sure they were not going to change their minds about their decisions I started hunting for ideas and supplies. Kristina mentioned her idea to her Bible club leader and ended up borrowing her Egyptian head piece, we went to Jo-Ann's Fabric and bought some gold fabric on clearance, and the black and Gold fabric for the veil was also on clearance. Then we went to Goodwill to find gold jewelry. There we met a friend who was purchasing a small Christmas tree to use as a jewelry holder in her shop, the tree was covered in with gold pearls and beads, after chatting with her and explaining what we were up too she said she has no use for all the gold pearls and chains! We had one happy little girl!!! especially after she remembered she had some gold shoes in her 'dress-up' box that she hadn't opened in years! TaDa!!! My Beautiful Egyptian Princess in her costume that cost under 5 dollars!

The Book worm was such a good fit for Staci! She started reading at 3 years old and hasn't ever quit reading since then! She constantly surprises me with information, when i ask her where she learned it she always says 'I read it'. She loves school and hates to miss a day, Yes the other morning she cried buckets of tears when i mentioned she stay at home because of her tummy ache. So with a hairband, green pipe cleaners and pom-poms, and LOTS of face paint, and a large piece of cardboard we had the cutest little bookworm in the entire state of Iowa!!! This costume was less than 1$!

That's how the Zimmermans do costumes on a 'shoe-string budget'. After putting so much energy into the 'big kid's' costumes. I had none left for the 'little kids'. Did I run out and BUY costumes for them??? Not quite, The just went as their own little selves and had as much fun eating candy as anyone else!

Maybe I should have figured in the price of all that soap we used to clean up their faces???

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our First Review!!!!

HaddyGrace Designs has gotten a review!!! Check it out and enter to win a 20$ gift certificate to my shop!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Enter to win a pair of soft sole shoes for your baby. In your choice of color and size. sizes are: 0-3mo. 3-6mo. 6-9mo. 12-18 mo 18-24 mo. and 2yrs. sizes 9mo. and up have so-slip soles.
here's how to enter: Become a fan of HaddyGrace Designs on FB, then got tell all your friends to 'Like' us on FB, tell them to write on my wall who sent them. The person that 'sends' the most fans wins a pair of soft sole shoes!! Go ahead check them out! If you comment on this post letting me know which pair you like best I will enter your name another time!!!
Blue & brown

Pink & Brown

Camo & Blaze

Camo & Brown

Camo & Pink

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christmas preview

After working all morning with my pattern and this beautiful black velour with sequins.... here it is... a 'rough draft' of the Christmas designs!!!!

the hardest part was getting the dress onto this little wiggle worm, and getting her to stay still for pictures. I finally settled for taking pictures of the 'Back' of the dress. I will leave the rest to the professionals! Check out my friend Beka's photography site:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whoopie Pies

As I write this I am eating a Chocolate whoopie pie!! Yes I know it is 10pm But as I was writing about making them I got so hungry I just couldn't resist any more!! Maybe I will join my friend Rachel as she does her Turbo Jam workout tomorrow to make up for it! Probably NOT! :)

Want to know how to make these Yummy things?? head on over to my friend Jess's Blog where I was invited to share my experience! While you are there give her some love and 'Follow' her!! Let her know you are following and she will follow back!

As for me tomorrow!!! Gonna be working on CHRISTMAS!!!!! Fa lala lala lala lala !!!!