Inviting You To help us Celebrate Miss Haddy's Birthday

Little Miss Haddy is having her first birthday on Wednesday the 29th! Can it be that my baby Girl is a year old already?
I am inviting you to help us celebrate by participating in another 'Gimme-That' on our Facebook fan page! I will be posting pictures of a HaddyGrace Item and a sale price through out the day on Wednesday on our FB fan Page. the first person to comment receives the item for the sale price. Any one else that wants the item can comment to receive it for free shipping.

Hadassah Grace was Born 'Independent'. Born by emergency C-Section, she whimpered a few times and then took so much interest in the going-ons of the operating room that she forgot all about crying and just gazed around the room. She'd turn her head whenever someone in the operating room spoke. She gazed up at her Daddy with adoration as she sucked on her tiny fists.

I was saddened that I didn't get to hold my baby while I was on the operating table, but was Blessed beyond measure by watching my husband bonding with his baby girl!

And now here she is, I year old, walking for 2 months now, Thinking she is every bit as big as her 3 older Siblings. She is Daddy's Girl all the way and is never happier than when he comes home from work to sweep her up into his arms!!

Happy Birthday Hadassah Grace!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Haddasah!!!!I CAN NOT believe she is ONE!!!


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