How to Make Fleece fitted Sheets

                                                Staci and her Owl n lolipop tree fleece that she chose.

When Daddy calls home from work and says he'll be an hour late my heart sinks.

 But then I realize that Dinner is ready and waiting, The house is cleaned up for Daddy's arrival, and the kids are busy playing. This means Quality crafting time!!  And I have A pile of fleece just waiting for me to dive into!!

Here's how to make your own fleece bed sheet:

Wash and dry your fleece on normal cycle to pre shrink it.

You will need: (For a single bed)
  • 2.5yds of 55in wide fabric (I used Blizzard Fleece) Jo-Anns Fabric
  • 2 yds of 1/4 inch elastic
  • matching thread
The tricky part about full and queen sheets is that no one wants a seam right down the middle of their bed.. so we will put the seams at the side of the mattress using a full piece with no seam over the TOP of the mattress.

For a full Bed:
  • 4 yds fleece.
  • 2 2/3yds of 1/4 inch elastic
  • matching thread
Cut 95 inches of your fleece. (this will be the center of your sheet with no seams on the top of the mattress)
From your remaining fabric cut 4 pieces, each 7inches x 47.5 inches.
sew 2 pieces together forming 1 piece measuring 7'' by 95". this will be your side panel, sew this onto the side of your main center panel.
Do the same for the other side.
You should now have 1 large piece measuring 95 inches long by 69 inches wide.
Follow the rest of the instructions for a single bed, cutting out a 10 inch square in each corner instead of a 9 in. and using
34 inches of elastic in each end.

For a queen bed:
  • 4 1/4 yd fabric
  • 3 yds of 1/4 inch elastic
  • mathching thread.
Cut one peice of fabric 104 inches long. (this will be the center top piece of your sheet)
from your remaining fabric cut 4 pieces each 14" x 52".
sew 2 of these peices together to create a piece that measures 14" by 104".
Attach this piece to your main center piece creating the side panel.
Do the same for the other side.
you should now have one large piece of fabric measuring 104 inches long X 84 inches wide.
follow reaninging istructions for a single bed except cut a 11 inch square out of each corner.
and using 54 inches of elastic in each end.

Cut a 9inch square (Single bed) out of each of the 4 corners of your fleece piece.

Put right sides of sheet together and sew along edge of fabric (where you cut out the square) to form a corner. Do this for all 4 corners. Be sure to use a stretch stich so your seams won't pop when the fabric stretches. For Stretch I use my zig-zag setting with the width set to 1.

This is what a stretch stich will look like.

Next, make a casing for the elastic at the head and foot end of your sheet by folding the edge in 1/2 inch and sewing along the edge. Starting 15 inches down from the right corner seam sew up around the head part of the sheet and ending 15 inches down from the left corner seam. Do this for both the head end and the foot end.

Use a threading tool or a saftey pin to thread 36 inches (single bed) of elastic into the casing you made around the head end and also the foot end.

Make sure to tack the ends of the elastic well becasue they will get alot of stress

After both ends have elastic, finish the sides by hemming them with a 1/2 inch seam to match the elastic casing.

And you're DONE!!  Good Job!!

Kristina and her Lavender volleyball print.

Mitchell and his Robot sheet! (and Hadassah)
We are now all Set for the COLD Iowa winter!!


  1. I'm in Florida, but I wish we had the need for the fleece sheets! I think they'd be so comfy in an actual winter :)

    1. My wife bought me a set, and I thought they'd be hot and sticky......until I got into bed and the sheets felt as though they were preheated, but they never got hot at all.

      I can honestly say that they were just right all night long. I never threw them off like I do with flannel. They self-regulated themselves somehow. Very interesting!

      There was some fluff that came off the second night, so I re-washed them in cold water and cold tumble dry. No more fluff!

      I heartily think they will be just as good in the summer too.

  2. thank you i was just thinking of making these for landon and dartanyan! its nice to have measurements!

  3. What measurements would I need for a queen size bed?

  4. Wow! My kids would love these. Good thing Joanns still has that sale going on! I need to get ready for the long cold Iowa winter, too!

  5. Wow! Good idea. These sheets are also probably a good idea for kids who wet the bed because I bet the fleece helps keep mattresses dry.

  6. love it, i will now have to go and try this.

  7. I need measurements for full size. Thanks.

  8. Gonna give this a try...can you convert for full and deep twin and deep king? Fingers crossed!! Thanks for posting and sharing~ Tonya

  9. this is a great idea....even for sheets of cotton, blends or flannel....

  10. I have updated the post with measurements and instructions on full and queen sheets... If you have more questions Email me and I will be happy to answer!

  11. curious how you figured out the size you needed. I want to make them for a toddler size bed and a twin size bed

  12. Toddler bed is same as crib mattress which is 72" x 41". with a 7" square cut out of the corner. Twin is the same as single bed!


  13. Thanks for posting this! I now know what my nieces and nephews are getting for the holidays...Look out, Jo-Ann's, here I come!

  14. Awesome post! I found some fleece on sale and we had warm beds for Christmas Eve! Thanks!

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  17. what about king size?

  18. This is great. My kids are taking a sewing class with our homeschool group and my 9 year old son made himself a twin sized sheet using your instructions. Thanks for sharing !

  19. Wondering what the measurements are for a twin top sheet made of fleece?

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