Easy Skirt Tutorial

Fabric and Scraps, They are EVERYWHERE in my house!
Mitchell and Hadassah's bedroom is where my storage closet is and most days the mountains of fabric and and scraps interfere with normal nap routines..

 Another thing... theses aren't mountains of neatly folded, and sorted by color! Nope, these mountains have been hit by inspiration, The kind of inspiration that hits so fast and hard that there is no time for organized searching but rather a wild dive into the storage closet to find that perfect fabric!!

 So when I read a post about using your scraps, Inspiration hit! Yes that wild kind of inspiration that turned my storage closet into a jungle as I searched for just the perfect scraps!!

 This Scrap tutu is so easy!! You need Zero sewing skills!! 

The skirt I made for my 21mo old, 24 pound daughter.

  •  I used 15 inches of 1inch elastic. ( the elastic will stretch as you go.) Use longer elastic for larger sizes.
  • Sew the elastic into a circle, making sure to tack it well. ( If you aren't friends with a sewing machine just pin the elastic together with a safety pin.)
 Cut 30 strips of fabric, each about 23 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. I used a pinking shears to help prevent fraying of the edges. However using a regular scissors will work too!
For larger sizes or fuller tutus just cut more strips.

  • Fasten each strip with a slip knot onto your elastic circle.

  • Continue fastening your fabric strips.

And, VIOLA!! All done! all that is left to do is to put it on the princess and take some Pictures!!!

 Too much crafting for you??  No problem, you can just purchase it here


  1. I love your site!!! Your profile got me first. I love finding other bloggers who love the Lord! Thanks so much for stopping by- I'm following you back and looking forward to reading more!


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