I love Fleece!
I love the way it turns an ordinary project into something that gives you warm fuzzy feelings!
I really love how it keeps one warn thru these long cold midwest winters!

Before you laugh at me and my warm feelings for fleece fabric let me tell you about living through a Cold Iowa winter in a 100 plus year old farm house that sits on top of a hill.

When that cold wind howls from the North and our house starts shaking and suddering with fright, It doesn't matter how many layers of plastic or insulated drapes one has over those rattling windows, We all shiver in our beds!

Your nose feels like an ice cycle when you wake up, only your nose tho because the rest of you has been buried deep under mountains of blankets for the last 6 hours. But the BEST trick to staying warm in an unheated  upstairs when the outside temp is 30 below???? FLEECE SHEETS!!
This WORKS!!!
(I have refrained from putting a thermometer upstairs because I don't think I really want to know how cold it gets up stairs!)
So Run to Jo-Ann's Fabric and take advantage of their SUPER SALE on blizzard fleece!!  3.99 a yd!! regular 9.99 a yd!

Buy 2.5 yds for a single bed. Plus 2 yds of 1/4in elastic and matching thread.
Buy 1 7/8 yd for a crib. plus 3 yds of 1/4 in elastic and matching thread.

And then stay tuned because As I make mine I will be taking pics to make a tutorial for you!!

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  1. Love seeing the pics of the farm!!! I remember sleeping upstairs as a child and being very cold!!!

  2. We live in Michigan so I definitely know about waking up cold! Stopped by for Friendly Friday and followed you on Google Friend Connect, hope you'll stop by and follow back!


  3. I'm a new follower from the Friendly Friday blog hop! Looking forward to reading more of your blog :) I would love it if you would visit The Blessed Couponer (http://theblessedcouponer.com) and follow back :)

  4. Hi, great blog, new follower here from Friendly Friday, http://babyfeetandpuppybreath.blogspot.com/
    Hope you can stop in and follow me back, thanks.

  5. Loved you blog. Your fleece sounds so cozy and warm, and in case the fleece doesn't do it's job, try FLEE instead, to the neighbors to the east of the midwest, and we'll have a campout by the fire!!


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