Coffee and Laundry piles and a New Camera

Here is an inspirational note that my 8yr old daughter wrote to me, She was inspired while laying in the middle of a LARGE pile of clean, unfolded laundry watching me wash windows!!

To: Mom
This afternoon when you were washing windows I said that it mostly gets dirty on the inside. That's kind of like us, we mostly get dirty on the inside with sin. But when we ask Jesus to come live in our hearts and forgive our sins he washes them away with his blood just like you washed away all the dirt on the window.
love, Staci

Here is the Beautiful 8 (almost 9) yr old. proudly holding a mug of coffee (err sugar and cream with a BIT of coffee) that her Daddy made for her.
Yes, she's too young to drink coffee... But when Daddy brews it just to make his daughters feel 'grown-up' I can't say no.

I dropped and broke my Sony Cyber Shot camera a few weeks ago. I used it almost daily for 4 yrs. I was sad when it broke and felt lost with out it!
 I borrowed a Nikon point and shoot from a friend while I decided what kind of money I wanted to spend on a new camera.
After much, much thought I decided to invest in a SLR camera. SO far I LOVE it and YES I am still overwhelmed with the functions, and No I am not content using it on Auto setting. So I spent this afternoon Reading and learning about my camera and as soon as the little ones were done napping I followed them outside with my new Canon Rebel XSI 450D.

 Here's what I got!!
Following the cats to the barn.

Watching the bugs on the barn door.

Playing with the wagon

She really wants to learn to ride, but until then she just drags her trike after brother.

Mother and son..

Sibling secrets

No-one is safe from my lens!!  I stalk them all waiting to try out my new camera and any new knowledge I might have gleaned from somewhere!


  1. HOW PRECIOUS! Out of the mouths of babes, Ruth Ann. I am so proud of Staci. Really, all your kids!

  2. By the way, this is Leslie and I don't know how to comment without being anonymous!


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