Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coffee and Laundry piles and a New Camera

Here is an inspirational note that my 8yr old daughter wrote to me, She was inspired while laying in the middle of a LARGE pile of clean, unfolded laundry watching me wash windows!!

To: Mom
This afternoon when you were washing windows I said that it mostly gets dirty on the inside. That's kind of like us, we mostly get dirty on the inside with sin. But when we ask Jesus to come live in our hearts and forgive our sins he washes them away with his blood just like you washed away all the dirt on the window.
love, Staci

Here is the Beautiful 8 (almost 9) yr old. proudly holding a mug of coffee (err sugar and cream with a BIT of coffee) that her Daddy made for her.
Yes, she's too young to drink coffee... But when Daddy brews it just to make his daughters feel 'grown-up' I can't say no.

I dropped and broke my Sony Cyber Shot camera a few weeks ago. I used it almost daily for 4 yrs. I was sad when it broke and felt lost with out it!
 I borrowed a Nikon point and shoot from a friend while I decided what kind of money I wanted to spend on a new camera.
After much, much thought I decided to invest in a SLR camera. SO far I LOVE it and YES I am still overwhelmed with the functions, and No I am not content using it on Auto setting. So I spent this afternoon Reading and learning about my camera and as soon as the little ones were done napping I followed them outside with my new Canon Rebel XSI 450D.

 Here's what I got!!
Following the cats to the barn.

Watching the bugs on the barn door.

Playing with the wagon

She really wants to learn to ride, but until then she just drags her trike after brother.

Mother and son..

Sibling secrets

No-one is safe from my lens!!  I stalk them all waiting to try out my new camera and any new knowledge I might have gleaned from somewhere!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Christmas has become such a controversial issue.

I want to celebrate Christmas the way they did in the 'Little Women' movie. A
PLAIN, SIMPLE, CARING, CELEBRATION  centered around the birth of our Saviour.
I don't want to Worry about wether to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays,

I want to spend Christmas with a generous sprinkling of Family and friends. A pinch of meaningful, from the heart gifts, And a large dose of celebrating my Saviour's Birth.

Have I started my Christmas shopping yet??
Yes, A few gifts here and there. Stashed away in that secret spot!!

But here is Hadassah, magazine shopping.
She was talking and cooing to the Bitty Babies!

Don't forget Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique gifts for your loved ones!

Like this for my preschool son!

or this for my toddler daughter! So much better than plastic!

Or this for my tween girls!

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 these owl shoes are ready to ship!!

And these Snow flake shoes are ready to ship!

And this Realtree pillowcase dress is a size 0-3mo and is ready to ship!

Order these owl shoes for baby in any size you want!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to apply Lip Gloss (when you're under 2yrs old)

All girls know how to wear Lip Gloss. I think a girl might be born knowing how to apply lip gloss.

But then again maybe it's because she's her mother's little shadow and learns from a time she's a baby in her bouncy seat setting on the bathroom floor taking lessons on applying make up.

This is where I found Hadassah the other day. My heart skipped a beat because of her being ON the vanity and the floor being tile. My instinct was to grab her and set her down but then my heart skipped another beat as I looked at my BABY applying lip gloss like a pro.

  • Carefully climb onto the vanity to be able to reach the lipgloss.
  • Using all your fine motor skills, unscrew the cap.

  • Genoursly apply the lipgloss to any skin even remotely close to your lips, This ensures plenty of flavour to lick off in the minutes following application.

  • Charm the world with your sweetness!

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 baby girl owl shoes make the perfect baby shower gift and will keep baby's feet warm while still giving her feet plenty room to wiggle and develop.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Make Fleece fitted Sheets

                                                Staci and her Owl n lolipop tree fleece that she chose.

When Daddy calls home from work and says he'll be an hour late my heart sinks.

 But then I realize that Dinner is ready and waiting, The house is cleaned up for Daddy's arrival, and the kids are busy playing. This means Quality crafting time!!  And I have A pile of fleece just waiting for me to dive into!!

Here's how to make your own fleece bed sheet:

Wash and dry your fleece on normal cycle to pre shrink it.

You will need: (For a single bed)
  • 2.5yds of 55in wide fabric (I used Blizzard Fleece) Jo-Anns Fabric
  • 2 yds of 1/4 inch elastic
  • matching thread
The tricky part about full and queen sheets is that no one wants a seam right down the middle of their bed.. so we will put the seams at the side of the mattress using a full piece with no seam over the TOP of the mattress.

For a full Bed:
  • 4 yds fleece.
  • 2 2/3yds of 1/4 inch elastic
  • matching thread
Cut 95 inches of your fleece. (this will be the center of your sheet with no seams on the top of the mattress)
From your remaining fabric cut 4 pieces, each 7inches x 47.5 inches.
sew 2 pieces together forming 1 piece measuring 7'' by 95". this will be your side panel, sew this onto the side of your main center panel.
Do the same for the other side.
You should now have 1 large piece measuring 95 inches long by 69 inches wide.
Follow the rest of the instructions for a single bed, cutting out a 10 inch square in each corner instead of a 9 in. and using
34 inches of elastic in each end.

For a queen bed:
  • 4 1/4 yd fabric
  • 3 yds of 1/4 inch elastic
  • mathching thread.
Cut one peice of fabric 104 inches long. (this will be the center top piece of your sheet)
from your remaining fabric cut 4 pieces each 14" x 52".
sew 2 of these peices together to create a piece that measures 14" by 104".
Attach this piece to your main center piece creating the side panel.
Do the same for the other side.
you should now have one large piece of fabric measuring 104 inches long X 84 inches wide.
follow reaninging istructions for a single bed except cut a 11 inch square out of each corner.
and using 54 inches of elastic in each end.

Cut a 9inch square (Single bed) out of each of the 4 corners of your fleece piece.

Put right sides of sheet together and sew along edge of fabric (where you cut out the square) to form a corner. Do this for all 4 corners. Be sure to use a stretch stich so your seams won't pop when the fabric stretches. For Stretch I use my zig-zag setting with the width set to 1.

This is what a stretch stich will look like.

Next, make a casing for the elastic at the head and foot end of your sheet by folding the edge in 1/2 inch and sewing along the edge. Starting 15 inches down from the right corner seam sew up around the head part of the sheet and ending 15 inches down from the left corner seam. Do this for both the head end and the foot end.

Use a threading tool or a saftey pin to thread 36 inches (single bed) of elastic into the casing you made around the head end and also the foot end.

Make sure to tack the ends of the elastic well becasue they will get alot of stress

After both ends have elastic, finish the sides by hemming them with a 1/2 inch seam to match the elastic casing.

And you're DONE!!  Good Job!!

Kristina and her Lavender volleyball print.

Mitchell and his Robot sheet! (and Hadassah)
We are now all Set for the COLD Iowa winter!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I love Fleece!
I love the way it turns an ordinary project into something that gives you warm fuzzy feelings!
I really love how it keeps one warn thru these long cold midwest winters!

Before you laugh at me and my warm feelings for fleece fabric let me tell you about living through a Cold Iowa winter in a 100 plus year old farm house that sits on top of a hill.

When that cold wind howls from the North and our house starts shaking and suddering with fright, It doesn't matter how many layers of plastic or insulated drapes one has over those rattling windows, We all shiver in our beds!

Your nose feels like an ice cycle when you wake up, only your nose tho because the rest of you has been buried deep under mountains of blankets for the last 6 hours. But the BEST trick to staying warm in an unheated  upstairs when the outside temp is 30 below???? FLEECE SHEETS!!
This WORKS!!!
(I have refrained from putting a thermometer upstairs because I don't think I really want to know how cold it gets up stairs!)
So Run to Jo-Ann's Fabric and take advantage of their SUPER SALE on blizzard fleece!!  3.99 a yd!! regular 9.99 a yd!

Buy 2.5 yds for a single bed. Plus 2 yds of 1/4in elastic and matching thread.
Buy 1 7/8 yd for a crib. plus 3 yds of 1/4 in elastic and matching thread.

And then stay tuned because As I make mine I will be taking pics to make a tutorial for you!!

It's Friendly Friday!! Link up here!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Easy Skirt Tutorial

Fabric and Scraps, They are EVERYWHERE in my house!
Mitchell and Hadassah's bedroom is where my storage closet is and most days the mountains of fabric and and scraps interfere with normal nap routines..

 Another thing... theses aren't mountains of neatly folded, and sorted by color! Nope, these mountains have been hit by inspiration, The kind of inspiration that hits so fast and hard that there is no time for organized searching but rather a wild dive into the storage closet to find that perfect fabric!!

 So when I read a post about using your scraps, Inspiration hit! Yes that wild kind of inspiration that turned my storage closet into a jungle as I searched for just the perfect scraps!!

 This Scrap tutu is so easy!! You need Zero sewing skills!! 

The skirt I made for my 21mo old, 24 pound daughter.

  •  I used 15 inches of 1inch elastic. ( the elastic will stretch as you go.) Use longer elastic for larger sizes.
  • Sew the elastic into a circle, making sure to tack it well. ( If you aren't friends with a sewing machine just pin the elastic together with a safety pin.)
 Cut 30 strips of fabric, each about 23 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. I used a pinking shears to help prevent fraying of the edges. However using a regular scissors will work too!
For larger sizes or fuller tutus just cut more strips.

  • Fasten each strip with a slip knot onto your elastic circle.

  • Continue fastening your fabric strips.

And, VIOLA!! All done! all that is left to do is to put it on the princess and take some Pictures!!!

 Too much crafting for you??  No problem, you can just purchase it here

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bittersweet Indian Sumer

 Generally speaking, Goodbys are Sad, our hearts grow sad at the very THOUGHT of saying goodby to a beloved friend.

BUT what if... What if we started seeing Goodby's as a finale sweet chance to hold a dear friend close for ONE more time. What if we saw it as the chance to say those words that need to be said before we part,(I LOVE you) A chance to make things right, and Just hold each other close for a brief time!

Wouldn't goodby's be more sweet than bitter that way??

All that said, Here's how we are trying to have a sweet goodby to summer. 80 degree weather is the perfect oppurtunity to hold Summer close for one last brief moment. To tell Summer how sorry we are for not appreciating her every moment. Tell her how excited we are to see her again!

With the trees arrayed in these colors, it's hard to be sad as we say goodby!

 Fall broccoli plants that have TINY broccoli heads in them.. We are praying for a few good heating degree days so we can put brocoili into the freezer for Broccoli Cheese soup on cold winter nights!

No 'Goodby to Summer' ceremony is complete without wiggling bare toes into the garden ONE last time!

My Beautiful baby strawberry plants have NO IDEA what's ahead for them!

Staying up past bedtime, with bare feet on the trampoline, ONE last time!

And now from my shop, Baby girl's first pair of winter boots

Because without winter we wouldn't have Beautiful Summer!