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Homemade Snicker Candy

You know that trip to the grocery store where you are in the check out line and suddenly you realize that you are there without kids and that if you wanted to you really could have a candy bar (or 2 or 3) and You wouldn't have to share with any one!! Well the candy bar that I reach for at a time like that is a SNICKER bar!! the perfect blend of Chocolate, peanuts, caramel goodness!! Well here is a recipe my family started passing around 10 yrs ago or so and since I first made them for my own family, These bars have become a Holiday tradition! Now YOU can make them any time of year that you want but making home made Snickers candy is going to be a a wonderful Christmas treat for your family!!

Snicker Candy Bars: Layer 1: 1 cup milk Choc chips 1/4 cup butterscotch chips 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter melt together over medium heat until smooth, pour into wax paper lined 9x13 pan and chill until set. Layer 2: 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup evaporated milk 1&1/2 cup marshmallow creme 1/4 cup creamy pean…

My Tweens for your Toddlers???

You know that moment, the moment when you are in the grocery store, one snotty nose preschooler is clinging to your leg, trying to commit suicide by throwing himself repeatedly under the shopping cart, another toddler is in the cart, the part where the groceries are supposed to go, and he's chewing on a package of chocolate chips, (you know there must be a hole in the bag because said toddler is no longer whining) the baby, (in the infant seat part of the cart) is crying fitfully and as you push the cart with one hand while holding in the paci with the other hand, all the while distractedly throwing food items into your cart.

  A sweet old lady stops you with this wistful smile on her face and she coos "Oh but aren't they precious", and she then proceeds to tell you that these days are the BEST days of your life! You smile distractedly, and think to your self that she must have just taken the wrong kind of medication!

 BUT!! I am here to tell you, I am beginning, JUST…

Breaking Amish, is it Reality?

Breaking Amish... What do you think?? It's the question I (and my husband) as former Old Order Mennonites, have been asked a lot lately. "Is it real?"  "is that what it's really like?" After telling so many people that we didn't know because we hadn't watched it (no TV) We decided to see if we could find links to the show online. less than 5 minutes into the show it was clear to both of us that this WAS NOT a reality show! I don't deny that the ACTORS may have Amish/Mennonite heritage. But it's been a while since they spoke Dutch, (If they even know the language) The show seems scripted!! And I do wonder how the character 'Kate' has become so polished! It definitely wasn't in Amish country that she became so comfortable in front of the camera! I don't know where they found these actors, BUT it WAS NOT fresh from Amish country! The boys haircuts ARE NOT Amish!! LOL!! The girls aren't Modest and demure like they would be fresh …

How To Make Leg Warmers

Fall is here, Well, here in Iowa anyway, Some of you I am sure are still enjoying warm,summer-like days!  But here in Iowa the leaves are orange, yellow, red and every shade in between! The air is crisp and clean and turns toddler cheeks rosy! And Mamas every where are digging through totes of clothing to find that extra layer of toddler clothes, those items help turn favorite summer outfits into the perfect Fall wardrobes! Cardigans, hats, AND my personal favorite................. Legwarmers!!!!  They are a perfect after thought to any outfit! Perfect for potty trainees, And so easy to take off later in the day when Mr.sun  finally gets the air warmed up! Not to mention that they make for great pictures!! AND you can make your own legwarmers for your baby or toddler!! To make toddler leg warmers, Start with women's knee socks. To make infant leg warmers, start with girls knee socks I found these women's knee socks at my local Joann's Fabric, (and I didn't stop with 1 pair!!!!) C…

Home schooling your Children

It was 'back to school' week for us. Back to school means: Alarm clocks lunches strict schedules early bed times early morning alarms (none of these things bring a smile to my face) It means time to buckle down and and put my nose to the grind stone. It means making sure that there is plenty of clean laundry all the time. It means making sure homework is done, and done correctly. It means making sure meals are healthy and on time. It means having plenty of healthy food on hand for lunches. In many ways I feel like its the end of summer, the end of carefree afternoons spent at the pool or under the shade tree, the end of lazy PJ mornings.. However, as My older daughters head off to school to hit the books I am reminded that they aren't only going to be hitting the books, They will be observing how I handle this time of change in our life. Even though they don't know it, (and I often forget it) our family life and the way we handle situations, solve problems, deal with change, will …

End of Summer Guilt

Well school starts tomorrow!!!  Its officially the end of summer for us! The end of days spent at the lake. The end of carefree afternoons under the shade tree with a good book. The end of Lazy mornings sleeping in. Guilt, It's that unwanted friend that I know all to well. Most moms I am sure can relate. We feel Guilt when we take time for ourselves and leave the kids with a sitter, we feel guilt when we DO spend the day with the kids but then neglect the laundry and cooking, We feel guilt when summer draws to a close and and we've only done one or 2 of the things on our 'Summer fun' Pinterest board! The things that we ambitiously pinned in the early spring, Sure that this was going to be the best summer yet. (Pinterest guilt is a subject for another day!)
However, End of summer guilt will rob you of joy! It will rob you of joy IF YOU LET IT!!
the best exercises for chasing away the 'end of summer' blues:
take an afternoon to look through all your summer pictu…