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The Job Called mom

Being a mom is an insecure Job.. Partly because Moms can be such TOUGH judges!! You walk into a room full of moms and all the 'My baby does this, and he eats this, she sleeps 10 hrs at night, And I would NEVER use pampers again, and teething is a breeze when you use....."  It's enough to send a new mom into a spiral of insecurities.. NONE of that matters!!! You do measure up!!!  You are the best Mom for your baby! Just because you don't use cloth diapers doesn't mean you don't love your baby. Just because you don't make your own babyfood doesn't mean you love your baby any less than the mom who makes everything from scratch. Where your baby sleeps at night doesn't define how much you love that baby. Being a stay at home mom doesn't mean you love your baby more than the mom that works. Just because you homeschool doesn't mean that you love your children more than those parents who sent their children to school. The list goes on and on!!! We all LOVE o…

Ipods... What's the Right Age??

I know it's only the first week of November... Please don't hate me for talking Christmas shopping... Ipods............................ According to my 12 year old Daughter she is the only 12 year old in the world that doesn't have one!!  Is this the Christmas she finally gets one?? My pros and cons list: (please remember before you judge my pros and cons list that this is my first teenager!!!  LOL) Pros: If we do get her an Ipod for Christmas she will be OVER THE MOON happy!!!!  She might actually think I am a great mom (until she sees the parental contract that comes with it) She won't be the only kid in the middle school that doesn't have an Ipod. She will be able to listen to her own kind of music with out me telling her to please turn it down! It'll be a privilege that I will be able to take away as punishment. It will a way to introduce her to responsible Internet usage, under our supervision.. She will remember this Christmas as the BEST EVER!!! Cons: (fears) She wil…