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How to get your HaddyGrace Discount

Are you ready to play a fun game or 2 on Facebook and win some HaddyCash?
Here's how:
Watch my FB fan page here .

I will randomly be posting a question, some will have 1 correct answer and if you are the first correct answer you are the winner. Other questions will be more of a "what did you serve your family for dinner" type of question where 1 random comment will be chosen using

When you win I will post it in the comments and also as a status, you will need to email me and I will then email you your HaddyCash with a code.

When you are ready to redeem shop, take a look at my etsy shop and email me letting me know which item you would like to purchase! I will then email you an invoice with the adjusted amount!

Winning twice would get you a pair of shoes for your baby for only 2.99 shipping!!!

Don't forget the Zoey Zebra outfit!!

Or the Livia Dresses!

Shall we Play?????? See you on FaceBook !!!

While we Wait

Spring is being soooo elusive this year! Maybe because we have had a FEW warm days and are now expecting every day to be a 'play outside' kind of day! I am not one that usually complains about the weather, Complaining doesn't change anything and only makes me feel worse! But how to cope with rainy, blue days? Days where Little Blue and Honeysuckle have one tantrum after another when told they can't play in the 36 degree rain. Days with failed picnics because although the sun is shining and the thermometer says 48 degrees, the wind is howling it's way across the Midwest after sweeping over the frozen tundra of the North Pole! Days where I don't even read my favorite blog because I know that she will once again have GORGEOUS pictures of Sunny warm Florida and my heart will be overcome with jealousy and longing!!

So How are we coping with these dreary days before spring arrives? We spend pleasant 'before nap' hours watering plants in our greenhouse, and so…

Little Blue's new Smile

Today was the day.. The day that I had been dreading since October. The day my 3yr.old was put to sleep with that wonderful yet scary drug called anesthesia while the dentist worked on all 20 of his baby teeth! We have no idea what caused this decay of his baby teeth. The dentist seems to think it is a combination of weak teeth and the fact that Little Blue slept in our bed and used ME as his pacifier. ??? Apparently the super food (breast Milk) has enough sugar in it that when it sits on baby teeth that are as crowded as his were.....Who knows..
But Here is Little Blue's New smile.. Until his permanent teeth show up he will have this beautiful toothless smile and the most adorable lisp in his speech.
Being so brave, waiting for the sleepy meds! He was so proud of those red socks! His pre-op smile! Snuggling with mom in recovery! Still sooo sleepy but dressed and ready to go home!
Sleeping, Securely buckled in his seat on the way home.
As I write this less than 12 hrs after su…


Spring is (was) here!! The new HaddyGrace Designs are out!!!! read all the way to the bottom for the links!
Temps were finally in the 70's. (never mind that this morn it was 26 degrees again.) So the girls and I hit the dressing room, tubs of Shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops are turned inside out as we frantically dig for cooler clothes as if we are afraid if we waste a minute, the sun will feel unwelcome.

I always get a HUGE burst of energy when it finally warms up! I feel the urge to roll around in the green grass on my back making doggy sounds, I feel the urge to scratch around in my garden making chicken sounds, and most of all laying in the sun without moving a muscle like a Lizard, soaking up every UV ray that I missed during the long winter! Ahhhh !!! I LOVE the out doors!!

My Family is NOT the 'City Park' kind of family.. We are much more of a hiking, biking, stroller pushing, swimming, kayaking, kind of family. BUT our favorite parks don't open their gates unt…