While we Wait

Spring is being soooo elusive this year! Maybe because we have had a FEW warm days and are now expecting every day to be a 'play outside' kind of day! I am not one that usually complains about the weather, Complaining doesn't change anything and only makes me feel worse! But how to cope with rainy, blue days? Days where Little Blue and Honeysuckle have one tantrum after another when told they can't play in the 36 degree rain. Days with failed picnics because although the sun is shining and the thermometer says 48 degrees, the wind is howling it's way across the Midwest after sweeping over the frozen tundra of the North Pole! Days where I don't even read my favorite blog because I know that she will once again have GORGEOUS pictures of Sunny warm Florida and my heart will be overcome with jealousy and longing!!

So How are we coping with these dreary days before spring arrives? We spend pleasant 'before nap' hours watering plants in our greenhouse, and soaking in a few stray UV rays here and there.

And while we wait for beautiful June Lilies to sparkle with dew in the moon light,

We make our own dew in the shelter of a heated greenhouse.

While we wait for days where the laundry drys in a matter of an hour or less, and smells of summer breezes and sunshine.

We gracefully step across remaining snow drifts and with freezing fingers bring in Laundry that just didn't quite dry before sunset.

While we wait for sunny, sandy days of swimming and sand castle building.

We play "in the sunshine" with a tub of rice and dried beans.

While we wait for warm windless days where the only breeze to be found is by swinging for hours under the shade tree.

We bundle up in layers and head to the park to spend a few minutes swinging in a bone-chilling pre-spring breeze!

While we wait for gentle evening thunderstorms to fill the driveway's pot-holes with just the right amount of water for 'tricycle mudding'.

We again done the layers and ride the animals at the park in a pretend winter Olympics!

It's the time of year where I can spend hours looking at last summer's pictures instead of actually scrapbooking them. It's when I start feeling like the Strawberry picking birthday party of last summer was only a dream and I blow the grocery budget by buying too many shipped in strawberries!

AHHHH sweet summer, why do you elude us!!!

I know some of you have been having spring for a while now but What do you most enjoy doing in the warm weather??


  1. Aaaahhhh! Summer does it still exist? ;) We love going for walks, bike rides, working with container veggie plants, swimming outdoors, and going to our friends for BBQs and bonfires :) Heres to summer!!!

  2. It's almost here, ya? Your so sweet, Ruthann. Love the picture of Haddy swinging... what a sweetie pie!


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