Spring is (was) here!! The new HaddyGrace Designs are out!!!! read all the way to the bottom for the links!

Temps were finally in the 70's. (never mind that this morn it was 26 degrees again.) So the girls and I hit the dressing room, tubs of Shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops are turned inside out as we frantically dig for cooler clothes as if we are afraid if we waste a minute, the sun will feel unwelcome.

I always get a HUGE burst of energy when it finally warms up! I feel the urge to roll around in the green grass on my back making doggy sounds, I feel the urge to scratch around in my garden making chicken sounds, and most of all laying in the sun without moving a muscle like a Lizard, soaking up every UV ray that I missed during the long winter! Ahhhh !!! I LOVE the out doors!!

My Family is NOT the 'City Park' kind of family.. We are much more of a hiking, biking, stroller pushing, swimming, kayaking, kind of family. BUT our favorite parks don't open their gates until Memorial day!! How annoying! So on this sunny Sunday we decide to go to the city Park. Amid the sounds of traffic, neighbor noises, and a loud generator, (country folk all the way!) we spent a few hours in the sun.

Little Blue conquering all the ladders!!

Miss Green and Miss Yellow hard a play!

Conquering the stone wall!

Honeysuckle went everywhere!! So hard to believe that last spring she was a baby happily watching her siblings from the sling or stroller!! She felt so grown up as she followed her brother around! Love her dress??? It's the new "Livia Dress" inspired by my photographer/friend B*Pretty's baby girl whom I finally get to meet when she enters this world in just a few weeks! It's in my Etsy shop, here. Large black, orange, and red poppy like flowers on a cream colored back ground are the perfect mix to make any occasion feel festive! A ruffle at the bottom makes it perfect for a bit of twirl!

And here is the lavander and peapod Livia dress! I must say this is my favorite! I love the colors so much!!!
The Livia Dress had a gentle band of elastic around the chest to form a ruffle that gives a princess look!!
These colors SCREAM spring to me!

And don't forget the Owl outfit ,
H for Hadassah, I can do any number or letter for you!

I have redesigned the skirt, and it is now available in my etsy shop as a 2 pc outfit or the skirt alone!

Oh!! I do have MORE Camo coming up too for those of you who Love this dress!


  1. 70's!? That is summer!! So cute Ruthann!

  2. love the new fabrics! bring out some new boy slip-ons!

  3. Boy slip on shoes!!! :) will see what I can come up with!


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