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31 days, post one.. My crazy life..

Joining up with the Nester  for 31 days of Blogging!! Let me introduce you to the Family..  Elvin and RuthAnn Zimmerman, Kristina 12, Staci 10, Mitchell 5, Hadassah 3. Ever have one of those morning where the minute your brain hits 40% function you come to the startling realization that if you don't hit the floor running you wont ever get everything done that's on your to do list for that day??  Well that was me this morning....  Mounds of laundry, 2 dresses and a pair of shoes to sew.. Lunch with my sisters and kids (my kids had no school today) Photo shoot for my Etsy shop. I missed my coffee all day!!! Hadassah is feeling a little under the weather today, but true to her nature she only slowed down a TAD BIT. swinging at my sisters house. Shingling our porch roof turns into a family affair before dinner..  And no it sure wasn't my idea that the kids all go up there and help!!  But I have learned long ago that Daddies and danger are way more enticing than mom in the kitchen …

Maturational Losses

Happy Sunday to all of you! The sounds of Fall are all around me, The leaves are rustling and cicadas are singing as a cool breeze gently floats through the house, As I sit here with my feet propped listening to my husband snore away his Sunday afternoon nap, I try hard not to feel guilty that I am not outside enjoying this beautiful Fall day..   Fall does that to me!! Every beautiful day we have that I don't spend outdoors makes me feel so guilty.. Guilty that I might be wasting the very last nice Sunday afternoon before winter sets in..   This is how the guilt will haunt me:  In a few weeks from now I'll be sitting here in exactly this spot with nasty weather howling outside and I'll say, "oh how I wish we could go outside."  And then a nagging little voice in my head will say. "you had your chance and you stayed on the couch."  And that's how fall turns into winter and I feel a GREAT sense of loss.. But its a maturational loss.. A healthy loss.. it …

Ruffle Leggings and Ruffle Jumper tutorial

Since school started and Hadassah and I are by ourselves most days, Folks are getting used to seeing me with just one child in tow. The one question I get asked a lot is "Did you make that?" I immediately feel a sense of guilt.. I have an Etsy shop full of Children's clothes and my daughter doesn't even have even one HaddyGrace piece in her closet.. Partly because I am so busy sewing to fill orders that I don't have time to sew for Hadassah and partly because By the time I sew all week I am so tired of seeing the patterns that I don't even care to see my daughter wearing them! However... This is what happens when I go to Joanns Fabric with NO KIDS and have time to browse!! The beautiful rows and rows of fabric suddenly start becoming projects in my mind and suddenly I am excited to go home and create!!! I knew I had a jumper laying in my sewing room just waiting for the right time to be embellished... I could hardly wait to come home and get started!!! So here we …

The Passing of Time

Hello Blogger friends,
  Life as usual is pretty wild and crazy around these parts, The 3 oldest are back in school and as Hadassah and I struggle to adjust to the too quiet days and cooler temperatures, I am reminded at how fast time moves. as mothers we control our little universe to a sense, we call the sots and set the schedule.. BUT the one thing we can't do is hold back time... It moves regardless if we are having a moment that counts or a moment that is wasted time... Yesterday's babies go off to kindergarten. Loved ones pass on to Heaven, And sweet little girls turn into preteens with hormonal mood swings and attitudes. Every memory of my Daddy, (gone 8 mo. now) serves as a reminder to me to grasp the moment, to seize the day, and to serve in a more humble, complete, and selfless way! I am under no impression that we were placed on this earth entirely for our own pleasure and enjoyment, But to serve so that we and others might know Him in a more complete and joyful way!…