Ruffle Leggings and Ruffle Jumper tutorial

Since school started and Hadassah and I are by ourselves most days, Folks are getting used to seeing me with just one child in tow. The one question I get asked a lot is "Did you make that?" I immediately feel a sense of guilt.. I have an Etsy shop full of Children's clothes and my daughter doesn't even have even one HaddyGrace piece in her closet.. Partly because I am so busy sewing to fill orders that I don't have time to sew for Hadassah and partly because By the time I sew all week I am so tired of seeing the patterns that I don't even care to see my daughter wearing them!
This is what happens when I go to Joanns Fabric with NO KIDS and have time to browse!! The beautiful rows and rows of fabric suddenly start becoming projects in my mind and suddenly I am excited to go home and create!!!
I knew I had a jumper laying in my sewing room just waiting for the right time to be embellished...
I could hardly wait to come home and get started!!!
So here we GOOOOO!!!!!
For the bottom of jumper ruffles:
cut 2 pieces of each color approx. 4 inches wide by 45 inches long

Sew both pieces of fabric into one continuous circle of fabric 

Top stitch the seams for a neat finish.
Serge (or Zig zag) the one edge of the circle and hem the other edge.
Draw 2 lines on the skirt bottom.
Pull in the gathers until the ruffles are the correct length to fit on the skirt bottom. Pin the bottom ruffle first onto the skirt bottom.

attach the ruffles to the skirt bottom, doing the bottom one first. I made a mistake and put on the top one first... It really wasn't fun to put on the bottom ruffle..

Now for the ruffle bottom leggings:: I found this gorgeous white knit fabric at my local Joann's Fabric . I was sooo excited to make it into leggings!!
Lay your fabric on fold and lay a pair of leggings on top and cut just a little bigger to allow for seams..

Cut 2 pieces
Cut 2 pieces of each color of fabric, twice as long as the bottom of the legging. Serge or zig-zag both long edges of the strip of fabric.

Hem the bottom of the leggings.
Pull ruffles into the strips until they fit the bottom of the legging and then attach, making sure to do the bottom ruffle first!


Lay the leggings right sides together and pin the seat part and sew both seat seams!
After the seat seams are sewn your leggings will begin to look a bit more like leggings when you lay them like so...
Now sew along the inseam of the leg, making sure to catch the ends of the ruffles.

Now sew a casing for the elastic in the waist...
Thread the elastic with this cool threader from Joanns..
Or you can use a safety pin too!! :)

Sew the elastic together and close the opening..

AND VIOLA!!!!!!!  YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!

 Let me know if you have questions!! I will be happy to answer them!!!
Happy Sewing!!!


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