31 days, post one.. My crazy life..

Joining up with the Nester  for 31 days of Blogging!!
Let me introduce you to the Family..  Elvin and RuthAnn Zimmerman, Kristina 12, Staci 10,
Mitchell 5, Hadassah 3.
Ever have one of those morning where the minute your brain hits 40% function you come to the startling realization that if you don't hit the floor running you wont ever get everything done that's on your to do list for that day??  Well that was me this morning....  Mounds of laundry,
2 dresses and a pair of shoes to sew..
Lunch with my sisters and kids (my kids had no school today)
Photo shoot for my Etsy shop.
I missed my coffee all day!!!
Hadassah is feeling a little under the weather today, but true to her nature she only slowed down a TAD BIT. swinging at my sisters house.
Shingling our porch roof turns into a family affair before dinner..  And no it sure wasn't my idea that the kids all go up there and help!!  But I have learned long ago that Daddies and danger are way more enticing than mom in the kitchen making dinner or folding laundry.. On the upside.. I had a QUIET kitchen all to myself to cook dinner and put clean clothes away.. That's where this post was really written, in the quiet kitchen over the Zimmerman's Monday night dinner
Here are a few shots from the photo shoot that happened at my sister's house with my nephews and nieces!!

Thank you for linking up and following and see you tomorrow!!!


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