The Passing of Time

Hello Blogger friends,
  Life as usual is pretty wild and crazy around these parts, The 3 oldest are back in school and as Hadassah and I struggle to adjust to the too quiet days and cooler temperatures, I am reminded at how fast time moves. as mothers we control our little universe to a sense, we call the sots and set the schedule.. BUT the one thing we can't do is hold back time... It moves regardless if we are having a moment that counts or a moment that is wasted time... Yesterday's babies go off to kindergarten. Loved ones pass on to Heaven, And sweet little girls turn into preteens with hormonal mood swings and attitudes. Every memory of my Daddy, (gone 8 mo. now) serves as a reminder to me to grasp the moment, to seize the day, and to serve in a more humble, complete, and selfless way! I am under no impression that we were placed on this earth entirely for our own pleasure and enjoyment, But to serve so that we and others might know Him in a more complete and joyful way!!
 So dear friend if you find yourself weary in serving today, remember only what is done for Christ will last!                               
                                              Souls are Eternal



 My business continues to grow,  I am continually bombarded with marketing opportunities, and promotional opportunities. In light of the above and the lightening movement of time I am reminded daily that only what is done for Christ will last, and for this reason right now I do turn down majority of promotional opportunities on account of my family needing me so much at this time.  However, Etsy has been wonderful to me, and the few promotions I have done have been a great blessing for our family!!

 I have been working on adding Christmas items to my shop and below are 2 of my favorites!!

Blessings to you until next time,


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