Maturational Losses

Happy Sunday to all of you!
The sounds of Fall are all around me, The leaves are rustling and cicadas are singing as a cool breeze gently floats through the house, As I sit here with my feet propped listening to my husband snore away his Sunday afternoon nap, I try hard not to feel guilty that I am not outside enjoying this beautiful Fall day..
  Fall does that to me!! Every beautiful day we have that I don't spend outdoors makes me feel so guilty.. Guilty that I might be wasting the very last nice Sunday afternoon before winter sets in..  
       This is how the guilt will haunt me:
 In a few weeks from now I'll be sitting here in exactly this spot with nasty weather howling outside and I'll say, "oh how I wish we could go outside."
 And then a nagging little voice in my head will say. "you had your chance and you stayed on the couch." 
And that's how fall turns into winter and I feel a GREAT sense of loss.. But its a maturational loss.. A healthy loss.. it means that time is moving along and I am still here to sing His praises, to do His work regardless the season of life I am in..
We've matured into another loss around here. It's been a rough couple of weeks as sissy adjust to her brother/best friend going to Kindergarten everyday.. She's shed tears almost every morning after we leave him at school,
         She has wandered around aimlessly, being bored yet having no interest in anything..
  Mitchell didn't go to preschool, always been at home to be her constant companion and playmate from the time we brought her home from the hospital, He has:
  • LOVED her to pieces,
  • cuddled her when she is sad,
  • teased her to tears,
  • taught her EVERYTHING he knows about sword fighting, monster trucks, race cars and countless other boy things.
  • She has sat through numerous reruns of Nascar races with him,
  • climbed into his 'tree stand' to play hunting with him.
and only a VERY few times has she EVER asked him to play baby with her..
So as we settle into our 'school year' routine, I am happy to report that she is finally adjusting.. No she doesn't play swords or monster truck or hunting on her own, She doesn't ask to watch Nascar or Monster Black bear hunting..
She is finding her own self!
She colors,
she cuts,
she glues,
she plays mommy,
she rides her bike,
she naps,
she cuddles the dog,
she makes me playdough birthday cakes,
she shops with mommy,
she does Gym-n-swim with her best friend
And Now Saturdays are her favorite day ever!!! because she gets to play with Brother ALL DAY!

Some items I have added to my Shop this week:

Each of these baby boy shirts match perfectly to this Chevron sibling set

Happy guilt free Autumn, I am off to enjoy the outdoors with the kids!!!


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