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Stay at home Moms Have Guilt Too

These 5 beautiful faces! these are the faces that are on my mind when I go to bed and On my mind when I wake up! The smallest, Number 5, has recently been added to our family via adoption. These are the little people that have me constantly wondering if I am doing enough, If I am enjoying the journey enough, If I have enough attention to go around, If I read them enough stories, if we watch too much TV. But most of all... the greatest IF... the greatest question of all is this,,, Do I spend enough time with them?????? All you working Moms are probably laughing at me right now. But it's true!!  I too have to tell my kids,  'Not now',  'I don't have time',  'Wait a minute',  'Mommy's working',
Lets look at a few Character qualities we all want our children to develop: It doesn't hurt them at all to be told to "wait". Waiting creates the Character quality of: patience, Waiting quietly because mom has to make an important phone call creates: R…