Stay at home Moms Have Guilt Too

These 5 beautiful faces!
these are the faces that are on my mind when I go to bed and On my mind when I wake up! The smallest, Number 5, has recently been added to our family via adoption.
These are the little people that have me constantly wondering if I am doing enough, If I am enjoying the journey enough, If I have enough attention to go around, If I read them enough stories, if we watch too much TV. But most of all... the greatest IF... the greatest question of all is this,,,
Do I spend enough time with them??????
All you working Moms are probably laughing at me right now. But it's true!!  I too have to tell my kids,
 'Not now',
 'I don't have time',
 'Wait a minute',
 'Mommy's working',
Lets look at a few Character qualities we all want our children to develop:
It doesn't hurt them at all to be told to "wait".
Waiting creates the Character quality of:
Waiting quietly because mom has to make an important phone call creates:
Playing by themselves because Mom has to 'work' stimulates:
Imagination, and fosters
Self control

Guilt is a powerful tool that the enemy uses to keep us Moms from fully becoming that parent that God has created us to be!
Guilt is another way for us to live in our past..
Guilt keeps us from focusing our attention on how God trying to shape our Family.
Guilt keeps us in shame, hindering us from asking God the help that we need!
Guilt will weigh you down and tell you that you aren't good enough of a mom to adopt,
Guilt will keep you awake at night reliving a bad day,
Guilt is NOT from God!

In conclusion:
Do what you have to do, what ever it is that takes you or your time away from your children, do it completely and wholeheartedly as unto the Lord.
And then come 'home' to your children and parent completely and wholeheartedly as unto the Lord!
Be intentional about your time with them.
look into their eyes and know that you are being the best mom you can be!
You are changing the world,
You are raising a world changer,
all from the humble place of your home!

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