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mothering must-haves

The weather here in the Midwest lately is the kind of weather that sends me to the attic time and again to find a certian size something for a certian child. And this clothing item then gets added to the large number of scattered clothes that lay around while one decides if it's a warm weather day or a cold weather day.. Recently while in the attic I spied this semi clear tote that caused my heart to skip a beat.. BABY CLOTHES.. !!! Yes my baby is only 2 yrs. old,

and knowing she is going to be the baby of the family I didn't keep very many of her clothes, or her brother's (just the ones with sentimental value).. But that tote drew me like a magnet. and as I sat there being sentimental, shedding a few tears and remembering the baby days gone by I was thankful for the fact that storing baby clothes that have sentimental value takes up a whole lot less room than storing other things like strollers, cribs, bouncy seats etc.. these are things that also have sentimental value an…

Remember the Little Things

It's that time of the week again.
Time where we wrap up all the loose ends before we head into the weekend..  Time for us blogging Mamas to take a look back and remember all the great things about this week!!
Go ahead dump all your phone pics into a blog post and link it up here!!
Here are a few great moments of our week!!
We played outside pretending it was warmer than it really was!
We even played outside on the swings at 8am one morning!! Yes we are ready for spring to come!!
We played puzzles while working on phonics skills!
We took naps together!! My Favorite!!
Tina played her heart out at her VolleyBall tournament!
We took a bath with TOOO many bubbles!!
We indulged our chocolate cravings!!!

We taught brother about Kangaroo care!!
We made homemade Pizza!!

Now just to make sure that no-one thinks things always go well in our home.... We played Nintendo too early and too long!!!
We watched Tangled once too often!!

we pouted over store bought cereal for breakfast!

GO ahead!! Dump your photos in…

Will Wearing your Baby Spoil Them??

I get so wrapped up in getting things done! Really! I do, Lunches to pack, dishes to wash, floors to sweep, laundry to do, cooking, cleaning it all needs to be done.. and 98% of it falls to 'Mom'..  So you see, it's so easy to fall into the habit of getting these urgent but not neccessarily IMPORTANT things done.. 
What IS important?? What is ONE will make an eternal difference for our families??
Physical touch!!!
Here is my early morning experience for tha last 2 weeks:
My VERY energetic 2 yr old crawls into my bed at 5:30 am and cuddles next to me.. REALLY cuddles next to me!! This is the toddler that doesn't stop for ANYTHING all day long. the toddler that dresses herself, takes herself to the potty, Walks everywhere.. very independant!!  So why suddenly is she crawling into my bed each morning?? (I LOVE THE CUDDLES and have overslept many times because of the sweet sleep that happens when she is right next to me!)
Physical touch!! yes thats it!! we are all born with KNO…