Remember the Little Things

It's that time of the week again.

 Time where we wrap up all the loose ends before we head into the weekend..  Time for us blogging Mamas to take a look back and remember all the great things about this week!!

Go ahead dump all your phone pics into a blog post and link it up here!!

Here are a few great moments of our week!!

We played outside pretending it was warmer than it really was!

We even played outside on the swings at 8am one morning!! Yes we are ready for spring to come!!

We played puzzles while working on phonics skills!

We took naps together!! My Favorite!!

Tina played her heart out at her VolleyBall tournament!

We took a bath with TOOO many bubbles!!

We indulged our chocolate cravings!!!

We taught brother about Kangaroo care!!

We made homemade Pizza!!

Now just to make sure that no-one thinks things always go well in our home....
We played Nintendo too early and too long!!!

We watched Tangled once too often!!

we pouted over store bought cereal for breakfast!

GO ahead!! Dump your photos into a blog (using the Blogger app) and share them with us!!  I promise it will lift your spirits as you page thru the little moments of your week that you already forgot!!


  1. Love the kangaroo lesson pic :)

    Hope to have more moments like that in the near future.

  2. How sweet!!! I am laughing at Mitch with his cereal... LOL! :)

  3. Nice blog. You may have seen this quote about the little things.. but just in case.


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