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The weather here in the Midwest lately is the kind of weather that sends me to the attic time and again to find a certian size something for a certian child. And this clothing item then gets added to the large number of scattered clothes that lay around while one decides if it's a warm weather day or a cold weather day.. Recently while in the attic I spied this semi clear tote that caused my heart to skip a beat.. BABY CLOTHES.. !!! Yes my baby is only 2 yrs. old,

and knowing she is going to be the baby of the family I didn't keep very many of her clothes, or her brother's (just the ones with sentimental value).. But that tote drew me like a magnet. and as I sat there being sentimental, shedding a few tears and remembering the baby days gone by I was thankful for the fact that storing baby clothes that have sentimental value takes up a whole lot less room than storing other things like strollers, cribs, bouncy seats etc.. these are things that also have sentimental value and I stored some of them for a while but then the need for room became larger than my attachment to these things..
There are some things that I bought as a mother that Were totally worthless BUT somethings I used over and over and over!!  Here are a few of the things that I wouldn't have wanted to do without!! And if you are a first time mom.. these things are definitely worth checking into!!

Moby wrap!!  Best EVER baby carrier for infants!!
For my older babies and toddlers my HaddyGrace Sling was perfect because it fit into my diaper bag and was so easy to put on!! Buy yours here.

Mesh teether: Loved this for fresh fruit and veggies, and I remember using it with ice cubes countless times at restaurants with a restless 6-9 month old..

The baby food mill: So quiet and easy to clean!! Used mine sooo much for each of my 4 babies!!

The bumbo seat!!  there is a certain age when babies think they are so much bigger than they really are and they spent the day in frustration at having to lay on their back or tummy while all the other people in the house are upright.. Therefore I loved my bumbo!!  It helped my babies feel like they were part of the family!! The toy tray attatchment is a worthwhile addition to this..

This clip on high chair was the perfect for our family and the limited floor space in our dining room. used it for all 4 of the babies!

The Sit and Stand stroller was invaluable to me when baby number 4 arrived and her brother was still a toddler.. Used this stroller EVERYWHERE!! It gave my toddler the freedom of movement that he thought was necessary for a big boy of 2. While at the same time the front seat tray removes and you can attatch an infant seat bar!!

Usborne books!! The favorite books in our home for years and years!! all the way from infants to preteens and we still LOVE usborne books!! On any given day 95% of the books pulled off the book shelf are Usborne books!

What were/are some of your Favorite baby items?? Items that you'd REALLY miss if youd have to give them up??


  1. Loved this! As I am just getting to welcome baby #2 into our family.. I have a few must haves! I LOVED the Bumbo! I recently got a Moby wrap.. (Thanks ruthann!) and am anxious to try it out. My blender for baby food, and really thats about it!! :) I'm sure my list will grow with baby #2. :)


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