Will Wearing your Baby Spoil Them??

I get so wrapped up in getting things done! Really! I do, Lunches to pack, dishes to wash, floors to sweep, laundry to do, cooking, cleaning it all needs to be done.. and 98% of it falls to 'Mom'.. 
So you see, it's so easy to fall into the habit of getting these urgent but not neccessarily IMPORTANT things done.. 

What IS important?? What is ONE will make an eternal difference for our families??

Physical touch!!!

Here is my early morning experience for tha last 2 weeks:

My VERY energetic 2 yr old crawls into my bed at 5:30 am and cuddles next to me.. REALLY cuddles next to me!! This is the toddler that doesn't stop for ANYTHING all day long. the toddler that dresses herself, takes herself to the potty, Walks everywhere.. very independant!!  So why suddenly is she crawling into my bed each morning?? (I LOVE THE CUDDLES and have overslept many times because of the sweet sleep that happens when she is right next to me!)

Physical touch!! yes thats it!! we are all born with KNOWING what we need!! and the younger we are the less those needs are confused with WANTS!! Hadassah knows instinctively what she needs for healthy development!! PHYSICAL TOUCH!!  Thats why she is suddenly found in bed plastered against my body at 5:30 am!!
 Because when she needed me to dress her, breast feed her, etc there was lots of cuddling and pysical contact involved!! But as she grows more independant there is less need for physical contact!!

Even older children need lots of pysical touch!! You can just sense their spirit lighten when you give them a large hug!! I have to remind myself that a hug for them works better than a 5 minute 'why I love you' conversation..

Conclusion: Physical contact is extremely healthy for healthy emotional development!!
There is now way you can give a child too much Positive physical contact!!

WEAR your baby!!! THIS WILL NOT SPOIL THEM!!!!!  :)

Hug and cuddle your toddlers!!  THIS WILL NOT SPOIL THEM!!!

Hug your tweens and teens!!  JUST TO SAY I LOVE YOU!!

You will be surprised how this pysical touch makes you as the mom feel better to!! because yes, even though we are fully grown and mature we still need PHYSICAL TOUCH!!!

Meet Mitchell: my 4yr old who was Worn for much of his first 6mo of life!! :) He still thrives upon pysical touch!!

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  1. I still haven't figured out how to carry my baby in the sling, and he is 4 months old already, would love to "carry" my baby. Did you have an older post about wearing your baby? Thought you did but couldn't find it.

  2. @Bev Here is the listing to my sling in Etsy.. Maybe these pics will help?? http://www.etsy.com/listing/59250371/baby-sling-custom-made

  3. Ahhh!!! Refreshing post wih such truth!!! Love wearing my babies and thankfully sling and wraps have come a long way from the old baby danglers! Haha!


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