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Inviting You To help us Celebrate Miss Haddy's Birthday

Little Miss Haddy is having her first birthday on Wednesday the 29th! Can it be that my baby Girl is a year old already?
I am inviting you to help us celebrate by participating in another 'Gimme-That' on our Facebook fan page! I will be posting pictures of a HaddyGrace Item and a sale price through out the day on Wednesday on our FB fan Page. the first person to comment receives the item for the sale price. Any one else that wants the item can comment to receive it for free shipping.

Hadassah Grace was Born 'Independent'. Born by emergency C-Section, she whimpered a few times and then took so much interest in the going-ons of the operating room that she forgot all about crying and just gazed around the room. She'd turn her head whenever someone in the operating room spoke. She gazed up at her Daddy with adoration as she sucked on her tiny fists.

I was saddened that I didn't get to hold my baby while I was on the operating table, but was Blessed beyond measure b…

my Wild Side

Generally I am pretty Much of a neutral colors girl but every once in a while someone or something helps me get in touch with my 'Wild side'. And When they do, I LOVE the Life that 'Wild' colors bring to a room or a wardrobe! Here is a bit of my 'Wild-side'!!! These boots can be bought in my Etsy shop!!! And size from 0-5. I do custom orders too!!

I am back! with new ITEMS!!!

How does time get away from one 'sew' quickly? It has been forever since I have been on blogger. So Welcome to all the new followers, and Hello again to all the loyal followers of the past! with Christmas coming upon us so quickly i am enjoying all the secrecy going on in our home! Kristina and Staci have given each other a couple of gifts already. they make something and wrap it up and a day later they can no longer keep the secret so they give the gift, and then move on to thinking up ideas for a new gift!
My husband has told 2 of my BFF'sBeka & Rachel and my 2 oldest daughters what he is getting me for Christmas! Talk about suspense!!!! I can hardly take it! He knew better than telling our 'just turned 3' son Mitchell! He would tell me in a heartbeat! My heart rate sure accelerated the other day when said 3yr old turns to me and say, "Mom, I know what you're getting for Christmas!" Getting right into his face and very seriously I asked him &q…

First Ever FB 'Gimme-That' sale

I am Proud to announce that HaddyGraceFaceBook page is almost at 500 fans!!! I am so Happy and appreciate everyone of my fans!! We are celebrating by having a FB 'Gimme-That' sale. Here is how it works:

On Wednesday Dec. 8th. starting at 9:00am and continuing at the top of every hour thru-out the day until 5:00pm I will post a picture and a ridicules sale price. THE FIRST 'Gimme-That' comment receives it at that price, AND the item ships the next day! First comment gets the item pictured, which means it will be in that size only for that Fan. all other 'Gimme-That' comments will be able to order a same or different size at a discount price which I will post with the picture!(allow 2 weeks for delivery of these items)
You will need to leave your email address for me and I will send you an invoice!

I am sooo excited about this sale and know that it will be Lots of fun for you AND me! Go ahead tell all your friends about this sale!!

here are some of the possible …