I am back! with new ITEMS!!!

How does time get away from one 'sew' quickly? It has been forever since I have been on blogger. So Welcome to all the new followers, and Hello again to all the loyal followers of the past! with Christmas coming upon us so quickly i am enjoying all the secrecy going on in our home! Kristina and Staci have given each other a couple of gifts already. they make something and wrap it up and a day later they can no longer keep the secret so they give the gift, and then move on to thinking up ideas for a new gift!
My husband has told 2 of my BFF's Beka & Rachel and my 2 oldest daughters what he is getting me for Christmas! Talk about suspense!!!! I can hardly take it! He knew better than telling our 'just turned 3' son Mitchell! He would tell me in a heartbeat! My heart rate sure accelerated the other day when said 3yr old turns to me and say, "Mom, I know what you're getting for Christmas!" Getting right into his face and very seriously I asked him "What?" Just as seriously he answered, " A PRESENT!" ARGH!!! the frustration continues!!!!!

Here is a picture of little Miss Haddy Grace, My new favorite HAPPY picture!!! Just had to share with you!! Check out my Photographer's blog here .

Now for some new items I have been busy with!!
Pink fleece lined with the softest cuddle fleece and a no-slip sole make these the softest and prettiest boot you daughter will ever wear!!! check out the listing in my etsy shop here .
White baby boots!! here on etsy.

And the brown ones here . i think these could also pass for boy boots, what do you think??

And my Favorite!!! Made one for my daughter and everywhere we go people comment on her pretty coat! Check it out here .

And the Zebra print with hot pink for your inner wild child!! here

Thank you for visiting my BLOG! i look forward to seeing more of you on Facebook and in my Etsy shop.


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