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Breaking Amish, is it Reality?

Breaking Amish... What do you think?? It's the question I (and my husband) as former Old Order Mennonites, have been asked a lot lately. "Is it real?"  "is that what it's really like?" After telling so many people that we didn't know because we hadn't watched it (no TV) We decided to see if we could find links to the show online. less than 5 minutes into the show it was clear to both of us that this WAS NOT a reality show! I don't deny that the ACTORS may have Amish/Mennonite heritage. But it's been a while since they spoke Dutch, (If they even know the language) The show seems scripted!! And I do wonder how the character 'Kate' has become so polished! It definitely wasn't in Amish country that she became so comfortable in front of the camera! I don't know where they found these actors, BUT it WAS NOT fresh from Amish country! The boys haircuts ARE NOT Amish!! LOL!! The girls aren't Modest and demure like they would be fresh …