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My Tweens for your Toddlers???

You know that moment, the moment when you are in the grocery store, one snotty nose preschooler is clinging to your leg, trying to commit suicide by throwing himself repeatedly under the shopping cart, another toddler is in the cart, the part where the groceries are supposed to go, and he's chewing on a package of chocolate chips, (you know there must be a hole in the bag because said toddler is no longer whining) the baby, (in the infant seat part of the cart) is crying fitfully and as you push the cart with one hand while holding in the paci with the other hand, all the while distractedly throwing food items into your cart.

  A sweet old lady stops you with this wistful smile on her face and she coos "Oh but aren't they precious", and she then proceeds to tell you that these days are the BEST days of your life! You smile distractedly, and think to your self that she must have just taken the wrong kind of medication!

 BUT!! I am here to tell you, I am beginning, JUST…