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Searching for Joy

As I look at the photos of the week and reflect on what happened and what DIDN'T happen, I am reminded about how fleeting these moments with my children really are. I had a hard time finding the Joy in serving my family this week. The laundry seemed ENDLESS, it seemed like every time I turned around there was another meal to cook or another fight to settle between the 'Big' girls. Hadassah is getting her 1yr molars and has a VERY short temper because of it. So she goes from one mess to another looking for her happiness. And all I wanted was a few moments, maybe an hour, of peace and quiet! Locking myself in the bathroom to take a shower kind of worked but I could still hear them banging on the door and yelling "MOM"! My friends and I had a girls night out on Friday and I was sooo HAPPY for a break, And guess what... That's all it took, A few hours, a meal that I didn't have to cook, good conversation with friends WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS, a few good laughs, …

The week that began with a SNOW DAY!!!

What better way to start a week than a with a SNOW DAY!! (if only we had known the night before we would've slept in!!) Such a relaxing day amid the mountains of laundry and the weekend cleanup that needed to be done. Maybe our house is they only one that looks like a disaster area on Monday mornings??? :)

Staci spending her snow day with 'Anne of Green Gables'. Nothing makes my teacher heart happier than finding my children curled up with a book! Yes, they do know this AND they use it to slip out of chores all the time. (But Mom!!!! I am READING!!!)

Kristina spent her snow day with her sewing machine.. Yes, she likes to be like her Mom.. :) There was thread and scraps everywhere, but I wouldn't have squashed her creative spirit for all the world.

The finished products!! She gave them to her teachers! Sweet girl!!

"Don't worry sis, I got your back!" Big brother Mitch always watching out for sissy, He will follow her all the way up the stairs yelli…

Another week with the Zimmermans

Well were did another week go?? Busy sewing projects for HaddyGrace Designs orders! God has so Blessed my business that I feel overwhelmed with Thankfulness! So here are a few pictures of our week! MAE SURE YOU READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END! SATURDAY WAS LIFE CHANGING FOR ME!

Sunday night, My friend Rachel and I catching up on our digital scrapbooks and each others life while the Daddies and older kids play Monopoly.

12month old Hadassah found a new way to get into things. Get the little stool and make a new mess!!!!

It's 'apple crisp' night and everyone wants to help.

Staci's 121 inch apple peal all in one piece.

3yr old Mitchell and his cousin Regina playing his matching game.

Hadassah Loves, playing in the sunshine AND the American Girl catalog.

9yr. old Kristina had a friend over after school, we played 'Hair Salon' and took Glamour shots.

Sunday afternoon couch party, Yes this is all of us. :) Now for the best part of the whole week.............................…

First days of 2011

2011, A new beginning, fresh start. Can't help but wonder what God has in store for my family this year. One thing I do know is that with God I get a fresh start every morning. What a wonderful God I serve!! :) Here are a few of my goals for 2011:
Draw closer to God, Spend more time in prayer, worship, and reading his Word.
to keep up with my many pictures by scrap booking more consistently, My goal is to devote every Sunday afternoon to scrap booking.. :) I know this will probably only last until the weather gets warm and Sunday afternoons are spent outdoors!!! that's when the pictures really start piling up. 1. because there are so many photo opportunities and so little scrap booking time. :)

So far here are a few snapshots of our first week of 2011. If I keep up this rate of picture taking.... wow, I don't know if a year holds enough of Sunday afternoons to scrapbook them all. :)

Sunday, Jan. 2nd, Hadassah Grace was dedicated to the Lord while surrounded by her Family and …