The week that began with a SNOW DAY!!!

What better way to start a week than a with a SNOW DAY!! (if only we had known the night before we would've slept in!!) Such a relaxing day amid the mountains of laundry and the weekend cleanup that needed to be done. Maybe our house is they only one that looks like a disaster area on Monday mornings??? :)

Staci spending her snow day with 'Anne of Green Gables'. Nothing makes my teacher heart happier than finding my children curled up with a book! Yes, they do know this AND they use it to slip out of chores all the time. (But Mom!!!! I am READING!!!)

Kristina spent her snow day with her sewing machine.. Yes, she likes to be like her Mom.. :) There was thread and scraps everywhere, but I wouldn't have squashed her creative spirit for all the world.

The finished products!! She gave them to her teachers! Sweet girl!!

"Don't worry sis, I got your back!" Big brother Mitch always watching out for sissy, He will follow her all the way up the stairs yelling "Mom come get Haddy!"

I spent a day scrap booking with friends, Kristina and Staci (after school) were happy to help with the babies.

Making banana bread with my little ones 'Helping'.

Hadassah's new trick this week??? Climbing... ONTO THE TABLE!!! Yes I know crazy mom took time to snap a picture.

Yup, She loves the sunshine AND raiding the snack cupboard!!!

The mistake of the week!!! letting Mitchell and Hadassah help me make rice crispy marshmallow treats! = STICKY!!!!

And NOW..... for some new spring Items from the sewing corner!

Purple paisley Maryjane's with a gold ribbon tie. I am hoping to find the time to make many different colors of these in the next few weeks.

Asian Poppy Pillowcase dress!!! I cannot wait for warm weather!!!!

Garden Flower Power.... Colorful and Earthy!!!

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! Purple Spring Floral!!!
So Looong thanks for reading! see you all next week!!!


  1. you are a talented writer & love the pictures....thanks for sharing!~~Pauline Martin

  2. I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! She is my favorite person ever . I am being serious. =) and I LOVE your creations! So beautiful!!

  3. How fun!! I love snow days. Well, I've only ever had one in my whole life, but it was thrilling (:


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