First days of 2011

2011, A new beginning, fresh start. Can't help but wonder what God has in store for my family this year. One thing I do know is that with God I get a fresh start every morning. What a wonderful God I serve!! :) Here are a few of my goals for 2011:
Draw closer to God, Spend more time in prayer, worship, and reading his Word.
to keep up with my many pictures by scrap booking more consistently, My goal is to devote every Sunday afternoon to scrap booking.. :) I know this will probably only last until the weather gets warm and Sunday afternoons are spent outdoors!!! that's when the pictures really start piling up. 1. because there are so many photo opportunities and so little scrap booking time. :)

So far here are a few snapshots of our first week of 2011. If I keep up this rate of picture taking.... wow, I don't know if a year holds enough of Sunday afternoons to scrapbook them all. :)

Sunday, Jan. 2nd, Hadassah Grace was dedicated to the Lord while surrounded by her Family and friends.
After the dedication we had her Birthday party. She made short work of her Cake.. :)

The birthday girl in her tutu!!

AHHHH!! Ice skating, nothing beats that for a winter afternoon. When the forecast says that temps will be warming up into the 20's or 30's we happily make plans to go to the rink. The best part?? this rink is right next to the local Coffee Shoppe!!!!

Miss HaddyGrace sporting one of her new Birthday outfits.

The 3 'Big kids' grabbing the last few minutes of daylight, 'sliding' on our driveway which was a sheet of ice!

And we had to get a picture of the curls. My other babies had this much or more hair at birth. So we are happy to see these curls!! :)

We had a 'Play Date' with Ayden Ray. The Basket ball was a big hit.

We spend a night at the BEST motel in town, Swimming pool and all!! ( It was a Christmas gift from very dear friends) The Kids had a wonderful time and I LOVED our king size bed!!! Our next mattress will Definitely be a king size!!!
So now I am off to scrapbook these moments. :) see you next week! :)


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