Searching for Joy

As I look at the photos of the week and reflect on what happened and what DIDN'T happen, I am reminded about how fleeting these moments with my children really are. I had a hard time finding the Joy in serving my family this week. The laundry seemed ENDLESS, it seemed like every time I turned around there was another meal to cook or another fight to settle between the 'Big' girls. Hadassah is getting her 1yr molars and has a VERY short temper because of it. So she goes from one mess to another looking for her happiness. And all I wanted was a few moments, maybe an hour, of peace and quiet! Locking myself in the bathroom to take a shower kind of worked but I could still hear them banging on the door and yelling "MOM"! My friends and I had a girls night out on Friday and I was sooo HAPPY for a break, And guess what... That's all it took, A few hours, a meal that I didn't have to cook, good conversation with friends WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS, a few good laughs, and I felt good as new. No, children were not in bed when I got home, But that's perfectly ok because I had found my Joy in parenting in those few short hours and was happy to see them! I know The feelings of 'I need a break!!!' are so common to us moms and on the heels of those thoughts is guilt! But lets face it, we are human moms, Not 'SuperMoms'. The giver of the greatest Joy of all Loves me and is oh so happy to help me when I finally decide to lay my mothering burden at the foot of the cross and look to him for my Joy. The Joy that Jesus gives me is not the fleeting joy of an evening out with friends, but the Joy that fills me up and makes me want to burst forth in song.

Mitchell, working on his motor skills and alphabet. LOVE cuisenary rods!

Kristina and Staci sporting 'Crazy Hair' for school.

YES, we took advantage of another 20 degree day and went ice skating!!

Hadassah's new obsession is helping with the laundry. The minute she hears me start the washer, SHE IS THERE!!

THIS is where I found out all the details of elementary school drama, (Hadassah is learning way to much), yes, at the kitchen sink is a great place to ask questions about certain boys, the tempo of the actual dish washing is how I tell how they REALLY feel about the certain someone.

It really was this kind of week, I don't think I finished 1 project without at least 8 interruptions.

Mitchell, climbing the drying rack, he calls it his ladder, and pretends he is a fireman, saving people!


A 3$ Goodwill toy provided hours of entertainment! the batteries were more expensive than the actual game and they already need a new set of batteries. :) oh the price of 'fun'.

And now for some creations from the sewing corner of our home.....

Baby boy corduroy boots lined with fleece.

Chocolate and cream fleece soft sole shoes!

Camo pillowcase dress for the little hunting princess.

Camo and pink!!
So long, Thanks for reading. see you all next weekend!!!


  1. What a beautiful family you have and such a creative gift!
    I am so glad I found you via 'I Love My Online Friends'
    I will certainly be shopping by again soon...
    I have a few little grand babies!

  2. beautiful kids and a beautiful dress! your newest follower from the blog hop!

  3. Following you from "I Love My Online Friends" blog hop! You can find me at

  4. Came over from Family Blog hop! Your babies are so cute! I have been craving sewing & your projects just added fuel to the fire. Cute projects!

  5. hi dear!

    i found you with the Family Blog Hop. i'd love if you could visit my blog and follow back :)

    your children are too cute -- love the crazy hair picture!


  6. Ahhh. A girls night out, just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for reminding me to take some time for myself.
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  7. I love the little booties and fleece shows! You must do a tutorial on how you made them. My little boys have chubby feet so I have such a hard time finding shoes (or booties) that fit! Now if I could just make my own... :)


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