Little Blue's new Smile

Today was the day.. The day that I had been dreading since October. The day my 3yr.old was put to sleep with that wonderful yet scary drug called anesthesia while the dentist worked on all 20 of his baby teeth! We have no idea what caused this decay of his baby teeth. The dentist seems to think it is a combination of weak teeth and the fact that Little Blue slept in our bed and used ME as his pacifier. ??? Apparently the super food (breast Milk) has enough sugar in it that when it sits on baby teeth that are as crowded as his were.....Who knows..
But Here is Little Blue's New smile.. Until his permanent teeth show up he will have this beautiful toothless smile and the most adorable lisp in his speech.

Being so brave, waiting for the sleepy meds! He was so proud of those red socks! His pre-op smile! Snuggling with mom in recovery! Still sooo sleepy but dressed and ready to go home!
Sleeping, Securely buckled in his seat on the way home.
As I write this less than 12 hrs after surgery, he is playing softball in the living room and tormenting his sisters. Feeling pretty special because he gets to eat pudding and jello out of little cups and special pink medicine Other than a sweet lisp when he talks one would never know the trauma he's been through today.

But.. this Mama sure feels it! I am tired and I am stressed out. Don't talk to me.. don't ask me any questions.. Just leave me alone to sort out all the fears and possible outcomes that went through my mind today.Leave me alone to wonder what I should have done differently. Leave me alone to apologize to God for all the moments I doubted today!

My heart goes out to the moms who sit and wait while their precious children go through one surgery after another, most of them much longer than Little Blue's 2 hour surgery. Some of them not knowing if their darling is going to ever kiss and hug them again! It's moms like this that I am in awe of today!! May God's Richest blessings be upon you today and every surgery day you walk through!

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  1. I am in tears! Your words are like flood waters sweeping over my soul. Sleep well and find peace my friend. - Lori M.

  2. :)Lori!! I thought about you alot today!!! Cheers!!

  3. one of ours had 3 eye surgeries (2 when he was under 2) if you don't dread it...u will by time anesthesiologist is done talking w/ you! I agree that it gave me a sm. taste of what some parents experience on much graver terms many times.
    Sorry 'bout his teeth, u were doing what 'we' thought was a good thing. :-)

  4. I am glad that is behind you, now. I sure understand your stress! It will probably take YOU longer to recover, than Mitchel!! Give yourself the rest/break that you need. Maybe a long walk, by yourself...?!!!

    Love that little skirt!! You are so talented!!

  5. feel 4 u by age 2 r 3 oldest had surgery done on their teeth... hate that the dentist puts all the blame on Mommy hey just trying to feed my babies

  6. How long did he feel sleepy back then? He was really cute and brave! He has probably grown some of his permanent teeth by now! How old is he anyway?

  7. Carla, :) his sleepiness lasted for about 12 hrs after surgery!! And NO he hasn't grown anyof his permanent teeth yet! :( he keeps asking when his new teeth will come in though!! :)

    RuthAnn - HaddyGrace Designs


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