How To Make Leg Warmers

Fall is here, Well, here in Iowa anyway, Some of you I am sure are still enjoying warm,summer-like days!
 But here in Iowa the leaves are orange, yellow, red and every shade in between! The air is crisp and clean and turns toddler cheeks rosy!
And Mamas every where are digging through totes of clothing to find that extra layer of toddler clothes, those items help turn favorite summer outfits into the perfect Fall wardrobes! Cardigans, hats, AND my personal favorite................. Legwarmers!!!! 
They are a perfect after thought to any outfit!
Perfect for potty trainees,
And so easy to take off later in the day when Mr.sun  finally gets the air warmed up!
Not to mention that they make for great pictures!!
AND you can make your own legwarmers for your baby or toddler!!
To make toddler leg warmers, Start with women's knee socks.
To make infant leg warmers, start with girls knee socks
I found these women's knee socks at my local Joann's Fabric,
(and I didn't stop with 1 pair!!!!)
Cut the socks right above the heel, right under the heel and right behind the toe!
Throw away the heel and toe, Save the middle, foot area.
Fold the foot area in half, creating a 'cuff'
Pin the cuffs like this to the bottom of the sock.
Sew around the inside of the sock, attaching the cuff to the bottom of the sock, being careful not to stretch either fabric more than you have too!
The edges of the fabric tend to roll a bit, but just unroll as you go or than just sew deep enough to avoid the rolls!

IMPORTANT!! Use a tiny zig-zag stitch to help the cuff stretch. (always use a tiny Zig-Zag stitch for fabric that stretches.)
Turn right side out and..... VIOLA..... leg warmers!!!

And if you're anything like me you won't be able to stop at just one pair!!

Listing these finished leg warmers on my Face book page  (1st come 1st serve)
And then Head outside into the gorgeous Chilly air with your Camera, Get down on your toddler's level and snap away!!


And HERE is the link to a great article (By one awesome Blogger )on how to take better pictures of your kids.
And while you're here stop on over and take look at the Christmas section of my Shop.


  1. VERY cute! Too bad I cant sew! What about doing it by hand???


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