End of Summer Guilt

Well school starts tomorrow!!!  Its officially the end of summer for us!
The end of days spent at the lake.
The end of carefree afternoons under the shade tree with a good book.
The end of Lazy mornings sleeping in.
Guilt, It's that unwanted friend that I know all to well. Most moms I am sure can relate. We feel Guilt when we take time for ourselves and leave the kids with a sitter, we feel guilt when we DO spend the day with the kids but then neglect the laundry and cooking, We feel guilt when summer draws to a close and and we've only done one or 2 of the things on our 'Summer fun' Pinterest board! The things that we ambitiously pinned in the early spring, Sure that this was going to be the best summer yet. (Pinterest guilt is a subject for another day!)

However, End of summer guilt will rob you of joy! It will rob you of joy IF YOU LET IT!!

the best exercises for chasing away the 'end of summer' blues:

take an afternoon to look through all your summer pictures, Scrapbook them, organize them, or just look at them, make sure you take special note of the happiness that radiates from every picture!
It just might help you like it has helped me! 

I remembered the happy, happy days spent at the lake!!

We spent time just 'Being' together!!

We picked Raspberries!

We expanded our country horizons

We giggled our way through numerous swing rides!

 We played in a few water puddles!

We enjoyed good summer food!!

We played Tball!!

Tomorrow is the end of summer..
I am sad!
I will miss the girls as they go back to school.
And I will try very hard to embrace the new season.
I will get on pinterest and find my inspiration for Autumn!!

What is your inspiration for Autumn??
What do you anticipate??

please share!!

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