Bugs bugs bugs!

Bugs Galore!
I am determined to enjoy this beautiful Indian Summer weather we're having! This is what happens:

It's early morning and as I venture into the peaceful morning my mind runs rampant with ideas for what to do outside today!

After morning chores are done, Girls are at school and my orders for the day are ready for the post office, we head to the park for lunch with Daddy, (a great idea for a 80 degree October day).

Alas, The kids start complaining as soon as we get there about little bugs that are biting them. I tell them to be tough and enjoy the beautiful weather. But no more than 30 minutes later, lunch is done and we can barely run to the car fast enough to escape the blood thirsty little bugs!

We try playing outside ONE more time after lunch but we last barely 15 minutes! And so we settle for opening all the windows and enjoying the beautiful breeze from the indoors.

BUT, I know it won't be long and we'll try venturing outside again.
Yes Ones' Body seems to know that 80 degree October days in Iowa ARE NOT TO BE WASTED!

I have added a whole new section to my Etsy shop! I am Super excited about this section. Why??  everything here is READY TO SHIP!

yes, that's right, ready to ship. That means if you order before 3:00 I will ship your items that same day! here are a few of the items you will find in the ready to ship section:


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