Bittersweet Indian Sumer

 Generally speaking, Goodbys are Sad, our hearts grow sad at the very THOUGHT of saying goodby to a beloved friend.

BUT what if... What if we started seeing Goodby's as a finale sweet chance to hold a dear friend close for ONE more time. What if we saw it as the chance to say those words that need to be said before we part,(I LOVE you) A chance to make things right, and Just hold each other close for a brief time!

Wouldn't goodby's be more sweet than bitter that way??

All that said, Here's how we are trying to have a sweet goodby to summer. 80 degree weather is the perfect oppurtunity to hold Summer close for one last brief moment. To tell Summer how sorry we are for not appreciating her every moment. Tell her how excited we are to see her again!

With the trees arrayed in these colors, it's hard to be sad as we say goodby!

 Fall broccoli plants that have TINY broccoli heads in them.. We are praying for a few good heating degree days so we can put brocoili into the freezer for Broccoli Cheese soup on cold winter nights!

No 'Goodby to Summer' ceremony is complete without wiggling bare toes into the garden ONE last time!

My Beautiful baby strawberry plants have NO IDEA what's ahead for them!

Staying up past bedtime, with bare feet on the trampoline, ONE last time!

And now from my shop, Baby girl's first pair of winter boots

Because without winter we wouldn't have Beautiful Summer!


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