How to apply Lip Gloss (when you're under 2yrs old)

All girls know how to wear Lip Gloss. I think a girl might be born knowing how to apply lip gloss.

But then again maybe it's because she's her mother's little shadow and learns from a time she's a baby in her bouncy seat setting on the bathroom floor taking lessons on applying make up.

This is where I found Hadassah the other day. My heart skipped a beat because of her being ON the vanity and the floor being tile. My instinct was to grab her and set her down but then my heart skipped another beat as I looked at my BABY applying lip gloss like a pro.

  • Carefully climb onto the vanity to be able to reach the lipgloss.
  • Using all your fine motor skills, unscrew the cap.

  • Genoursly apply the lipgloss to any skin even remotely close to your lips, This ensures plenty of flavour to lick off in the minutes following application.

  • Charm the world with your sweetness!

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  1. Such a sweet post! Love the new shoes too!

  2. She's so cute! The shoes are cute too! Following you now from a Monday hop. Have a great week

  3. Cute pics!! My daughter does the same exact thing!

    New Follower from Mingle Monday. Hoping you will follow back! =0)
    My Crazy Life


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