Whoopie Pies

As I write this I am eating a Chocolate whoopie pie!! Yes I know it is 10pm But as I was writing about making them I got so hungry I just couldn't resist any more!! Maybe I will join my friend Rachel as she does her Turbo Jam workout tomorrow to make up for it! Probably NOT! :)

Want to know how to make these Yummy things?? head on over to my friend Jess's Blog where I was invited to share my experience! While you are there give her some love and 'Follow' her!! Let her know you are following and she will follow back!

As for me tomorrow!!! Gonna be working on CHRISTMAS!!!!! Fa lala lala lala lala !!!!


  1. Hey Ruth Ann! Thanks for sharing those yummy treats on my blog as a guest blogger! I REALLY enjoyed the way you posted the recipe :) VERY creative!
    ♥ Jess


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