All About Boys!!!

It's that time of year again. the time of year where I find myself a single mom for most of the weekend, the time of year where I find my bible and devotional constantly buried under a pile of hunting magazines, where my husbands laundry consists of mainly Camouflage! The time of year where to have a conversation with my husband I have to first capture his attention by using words such as, Antlers, tree stand, and arrow! In case you haven't guess by now, My husband lives for this time of year, HUNTING SEASON!

Some folks dress there little ones in the colors of their favorite sports team. Yup, that's right Hunters like to dress their little ones in CAMO!!! So here ya go!! Some camo for the little boys (or Girls) in your hunting family!

Camo and brown fleece, soft soled shoe. sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 =$8.50. sizes 12mo, 18-24mo. and 2yrs. =$10.00

Camo and Blaze Orange! All sizes 9mo and up are made with 'no-slip' soles.

Today really was 'All about Boy. You see My son, Mitchell, is 2 yrs old, and although he has a huge vocabulary and speaks well beyond what the average 2yr. old speaks, he is a male species and has a hard time expressing his feelings. so for the past few days he has been acting horribly out of sorts! I knew he was frustrated, but i had no idea what about! He knew I was frustrated, but didn't know what to do about it. so we were both miserable together and stuck in a horrible rut! I happened to mention to a friend at church Wednesday night that i literally felt like I had 'escaped' from my son when I left him at home with his Daddy. And being the wonderful friend she is, she said, "Awe, maybe he needs more quality time." and I thought, surely that's not it, I read him stories, eat lunch with him, all that mommy stuff.....

But this morning I realized, I hadn't being doing any 'BOY STUFF'. So no, I didn't take him hunting, or take him for a ride in a LOUD truck. But we had a 'Leaf war' in the back yard!

Loaded with ammunition!!! (and Smiles)

Loving the feel of those crunchy leaves!

Gathering more ammunition.

Giggles, because He got mom!!!!

Here we go again!!

All Is fair in LOVE and War!!!

Having a leaf war made his day! But yes he still whined when it was nap time but at least this time he had something REAL to whine about! he wanted our war to continue!!


  1. It sounds like you both had a great time, what fun!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. It looks like he is having a blast getting you! FUN!

  3. New follower here! I absolutely LOVE those shoes!!


  4. new follower! The stuff for boys is adorable! thank you for not getting rid of boys! LOL! Love love love your stuff


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