Perfect Fall Day

Today was one of those perfect fall days where the sunshine is so warm and friendly that those sweet memories of summer hover right around the corner. So what to do on the perfect fall Day?
go to the pumpkin patch of course!
So with my hot apple-cider, my camera, and the two 'little ones' we headed to my Brother's Pumpkin patch.

Hadassah Grace sporting a Fall festival pillowcase dress.
Head on over to the 'for girls' page and check out the rest of the pillowcase dresses! Perfect for cooler weather when worn with sleeves and leggings!

Hadassah with big brother, Mitchell.

The Hay tunnel was loads of fun for Mitchell and brought back pleasant memories of my 'growing up on the farm days'.

Hello Handsome!
Yes it was a few perfect hours of a beautiful fall day. topped off by lunch with friends at our home. Cheeseburger soup, bread sticks, salad, apples with Carmel dip and brownies!!! Yummy!!! No I didn't do all the cooking!! everyone contributed!!!


  1. Is your little girl's name Hadassah? That has always been a favorite name for me! It is such a beautiful bible name, and Esther was an amazing person. :)

    These are so cute - gotta love the versatility of pillowcase dresses!

  2. When I put Keturah in the sling for the first time Ky (4) said Mommy you have a pouch like a kangaroo !!

  3. Yes, Hadassah Grace is her name,hence, HaddyGrace Designs! :) I can't wait to introduce her to the Esther of the Bible!

    Anna, I love the name Keturah, I know a beautiful little girl with that name!!


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