Run before you walk

This morning when I woke I knew it was going to be a Good day! I knew because I had slept well and my mind was spinning with Ideas from the moment I woke. Alas!!! Hadassah (sleeping soundly in my arms) decided that she needed to get up WITH me!!! Oh well, I was not daunted, I hobbled through my morning routine(missing my prayer/devotion time) with a sleepy baby on my hip. Got the Laundry started, and breakfast on the table, all the while with Hadassah riding on my hip. Each time I tried to put her down she would do this funny little temper tantrum where she would sit down. lean forward, and put her head on the floor and WAIL!!! At first I thought it was kinda cute but when she continued to do it even after a good breakfast and a 90 minute nap, I started to think about what could be the problem, Yes, It could be teething... But here is what I decided after figuring out that the only time she didn't fuss was when I was holding her hand and she was RUNNING around the house! You see,sunday night while the whole Family was lounging around the living room being entertained by the baby, she decided it was a good time to show off her new walking skills! So while we all cheered her on with clapping and hooting she proudly walked back and forth, back and forth across the living room. even after her sibling were in bed she kept walking. So this morning she tried it a few times but plopped down on her behind because she was trying to run!! This was a big disappointment to her! Therefore I came to the conclusion that her grumpiness was caused by FRUSTRATION at not being able to walk more that 8-9 steps without having to get back up again! She really wants to RUN! So what did My productive day produce?

2 New colors of soft sole shoes to add to the collection!!

Chocolate Cream

Basket Ball
So I did get to sew a bit, but mostly my time was spent with one finger in the grip of a tiny toddler as she tries her best to keep up with her Big brother.


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