A Dream and a Passion

Do you choose your dreams??? Do you hear about or see some one's dream that inspires a dream of your own??

Do you feel like everyone else has a dream but you??
But there is One thing you do have.. It's Passion!!
It may be passion for parenting, a passion for kids, a passion for ministry, a passion for people in a 3rd world country.
It may be something much smaller but no less important..
That passion is yours, and that passion is where your dreams come from!
And from dreams come vision and then planning.. from planning comes action, and from action comes results!!
So take Heart!! You are a world Changer!!!
If God has given you a passion for something be assured that within that passion lies his vision for your life!!
Dreams are hard to Share... It's hard to be vulnerable and share your dream..  But sharing it makes it REAL! It's inspiring... If sharing your dream is hard start by sharing with your journal only!
My Passion is Children...underprivileged children, unloved children, orphans,....
My dream, born from this passion is to help these children in any way possible...
My Vision.. #1 to enable and teach mama's to care for and love their children. #2 to love and care for orphans like my own.
My plan: to create a second income for our one-income family to enable my family to act on my vision.
My actions: I've created a successful Etsy shop and am now working on a full blown E-Commerce website!!

We are so excited to be acting on our dream!!
Please visit www.haddygrace.com to keep up with us!!
Want to win this dress?????  Head on over to my Instagram  or my Pinterest And Caption this picture for your chance to win the dress in sizes 0-3mo - 10yrs

 I don't always sit in front of my sewing machine creating cuteness for your children.. When a neighbor calls to tell me that the grapes are ready to pick we don't even think twice about leaving our chores beind!


So dear friends,
 Be inspired today!! Inspired to change a tiny corner of this old World!!


  1. Loved this inspirational post and your "realness"! My passion is for those who don't have anyone to fight for them-like the itty bitty babies I take care of NICU and sex-trafficking victims. Not sure where it's all going to lead yet, but trying to be faithful in the little things of today... Be blessed RuthAnn!! :)

    1. Faithful in the little things Is a great place to begin!!!! And supporting your cause with prayer!!


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