Halloween Candy Dilema

What defines a great mom from a good mom??
It's the question that plagues us from the moment we become moms.. we all want to be "great moms".   We make decisions daily for our young children and all the while we are plagued by "what if that wasn't the ABSOLUTE best decision for my child??
After your first child hits about 10 yrs. old and you're making some of the same choices for their younger siblings and some new choices that work better.. And some decisions are coming naturally by now.. You suddenly realize HEY!!!  I am not too bad at this decision making.. 
This child is still alive!!! and her siblings too!!
 But there is one decision that after 4 kids I am still not confident about!!!!!
CANDY!!!!  I rarely buy it.. (if I do, I hide it from the kids or buy something natural, dye free, preservative free)
Halloween candy,
Easter Candy,
Christmas candy,
Obviously your child earned this loot by being terrible cute!!!
But to let THEM eat it isn't good for their health,
But to take it from them isn't 'fair'.....
so here's what I do....
I eat the Chocolate..
and ration out the rest for a day or 2.. after they forget about it I throw the rest in the garbage!!

You be the judge.......................................

And Now presenting
This years costume choices by the Zimmerman kiddos>>>>>>

Hadassah Grace as 'School girl'
(Yes, it hurt a little to see my baby looking like a scholar)
 Kristina Ann as a woman from India
Mitchell Alan as 'Uncle Si' from Duck Dynasty
And Staci Jane as 'Raggedy Ann'
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And now off to find Chocolate... If I am sick next week..................  well that will just prove that too much candy isn't good for anyone!!!


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