Birthday Giveaway and Fall Bike rides

3 years ago I opened my Etsy Shop
3 years have passed in a hurry and flurry... A flurry of bolts of fabric, spools of thread, patterns, social media, stretching my head around SEO, watching my Etsy shop stats, filling orders, and add to all that normal family life with 4 kids and here we are 3 years later.. Celebrating HaddyGrace's 3rd Birthday!  You will Want to be in on the Giveaway!!!!!
3 gifts for 3 years!!!!  go HERE to claim yours!!!!
Gold Paten Leather Hair bows!! Go find out how to get yours!!!

Iowa has been having some Gorgeous weather this week!!! And on top of that my Mom is visiting this week, this definitely calls for an afternoon off of our regular routine to enjoy the outdoors..
ELEVEN bikes!!! one tow behind kiddy cart and 2 bicycle baby seats!
And despite the fact that I took my SLR camera WITHOUT a CARD we had a great time!!!
 (poor phone photos don't do the day justice)



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